3M Quality Webinar

Clinical validation appeals: Establishing a role for CDI staff

May 2021


Clinical documentation integrity (CDI) staff are increasingly being asked to review denials, compose appeal letters, and coordinate peer to peer appeals with their physician champion or attending physicians. Crafting a succinct and compelling argument often requires reading between the lines and connecting the dots. 

You will come out of this session with:

  • An understanding of the role that CDI and coders can have in appeal writing  
  • The ability to analyze key elements of the record to assess validity
  • Concrete processes to formulate a persuasive appeal

Join 3M expert Dr. Beth Wolf, as she discusses how CDI specialists can establish an expanded role for themselves and maximize success in their efforts.

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Get to know our presenters:

  • Dr. Beth Wolf

    Dr. Beth Wolf, MD, CPC, CCDS

    Dr. Beth Wolf is board certified in internal medicine, palliative medicine and clinical informatics. For the past eight years she has worked as the medical director for health information management with Roper St. Francis Healthcare, where she applies her expertise in clinical documentation and serves as the primary liaison to the medical staff on coding and documentation issues. She also provides consulting services to 3M and works to improve data reliability and align CDI efforts with physician and system priorities.