3M CDI Innovation Webinar

2021 Resolution: Prioritize my CDI worklist - learn techniques and hear stories

Feb. 17 and 18, 2021


What was your 2021 new year resolution? Spend more time with your family? Exercise more? Eat more ice cream? Or was it to make your clinical documentation integrity (CDI) department more efficient?  

As we begin 2021, we know the ability to prioritize and automate CDI worklists helps CDI teams increase efficiency—with the same staff. This elevates the role of CDI specialists by allowing them to focus efforts on top priority cases for both initial and follow-up reviews. We’re talking about high impact on quality, risk adjustment scores and financial outcomes. 
Your support tools should give you flexibility and transparency to customize rules, logic, and targets to prioritize based on your organization’s specific needs. Additionally, natural language understanding (NLU) technology that suggests queries for CDI specialists based on items hidden the patient’s documentation can help you get the most out of every review.   
Join us on Feb. 17 or 18, to hear how other facilities are leveraging worklist prioritization to maximize the efficiency of their CDI programs. Each presenting organization will tell their CDI prioritization journey story followed by a Q&A with the panel. We would love to hear any questions you may have in advance, so make sure to include them in your registration.  
Key objectives:

  • Understand how other organizations are using worklist prioritization
  • See results your organization may be able to achieve from the right tools, processes, and teamwork 
  • Get your burning CDI worklist priority questions answered by experienced professionals around the country 

We are honored to have the following speakers share their stories:
James Montgomery, RN, Director of CDI
JPS Health
Kim Conner, BSN, CCDS, CDI Manager
South Shore Hospital
Mark LeBlanc, RN, MBA, CCDS, CDI Manager
Stanford Health Care

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