3M CDI Innovation Webinar

How to build your CDI program around quality

June 16 and 17, 2021

Is your clinical documentation integrity (CDI) program struggling to drive quality impacts? Join us for the June 3M CDI Innovation webinar to hear how Stanford Health Care built its CDI program around quality.

CDI teams are charged with a continually expanding role beyond improving the accuracy, clarity and specificity of documentation for financial reimbursement to include quality impacts such as HACs, PSIs, preventable events, HCCs and quality risk methodologies. But they often struggle to drive those quality impacts without concurrent quality indicators infused throughout their workflow.   

Stanford Health Care will present how its CDI, coding and quality teams collaborate across departments using key quality metrics such as PSIs and HACs. You’ll learn how these key quality data points and cross departmental learnings drive performance and high-quality care.

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Meet our speaker:

  • Mark LeBlanc

    Mark LeBlanc, RN, MBA, CCDS

    CDI manager
    Stanford Health Care