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Health information systems webinars

Stay current on industry challenges, get expert advice and learn about your favorite topics. See all of our webinars that are available to you live and on-demand.

Improve revenue cycle

Webinars to connect CDI and HIM experts like you. From wherever you are.

3M provides a broad range of in-depth webinars on CDI and HIM best practices, COVID-19 implications and complex quality issues. Join us to hear from expert peers sharing actionable insights to enhance your revenue cycle. 


Learn more about our free webinars for CDI and HIM experts.

  • The 3M Quality webinar series is focused on crucial issues facing CDI managers and directors, as well as HIM and Quality directors. These webinars provide expert insights to hospitals that may find themselves at risk on key quality measures. Live webinars also include Q&A sessions and links to archived recordings to give you.

  • The 3M CDI Innovation Webinar Series offers in-depth sessions with 3M experts and clients on a wide variety of emerging CDI challenges and opportunities such as: shifting care settings, evolving payment models, advancing technology, rising consumerism and much more.

  • As the COVID-19 pandemic rapidly evolves, 3M experts continue to tirelessly monitor the current situation. In this dynamic environment, we have created several on-demand webinars to keep you and your teams up-to-speed on a variety of emerging COVID-19 challenges. Join our special webinar series on the implications of COVID-19 for your revenue cycle.

Create time to care

Transform the experience of health care for clinicians and patients

Join 3M, along with other health care experts, as we explore topics impacting how clinicians deliver high quality care. Learn how advanced speech recognition, artificial intelligence (AI) and ambient intelligence can improve the quality and efficiency of clinical documentation to help reduce administrative burden, alleviate physician burnout and create time to care.

  • 3M Virtual Pulse webinars unite clinicians with experienced, knowledgeable health care experts to address and collaborate on essential matters facing providers. Driven by audience participation, these live, real-time webinars deliver unique insights and best practices for providers who may be experiencing administrative burdens and help them create time to care.

Drive value-based care

Webinars to connect payer experts like you. From wherever you are.

3M provides a broad range of in-depth webinars on payer best practices, COVID-19 implications and other complex issues related to driving value-based care. Join us to hear from 3M and industry experts sharing actionable insights to enhance your organization.

  • Our complimentary payer webinar series offers in-depth sessions with 3M experts and clients about incenting the shift to value. We focus on crucial issues facing network and care management, such as physician alignment, performance measurement and data transparency. These webinars provide expert insight to payers that may find themselves saying “it's time to make the move.”

  • The 3M Let’s Talk Webinar Series offers in-depth sessions with 3M experts about patient classification methodologies. The webinars focus on 3M methodologies and how it creates a common language for defining and measuring risk adjustment, payment, reporting and quality improvement to assist both payers and providers, clinical and financial managers.

  • 3M hosted a special webinar on COVID-19. 3M senior medical director Dr. Gordon Moore describes how risk adjustment and claims data can help health plans and care managers proactively identify individuals with the highest risk of poor outcomes should they contract the COVID-19 virus. If high-risk populations are informed and encouraged to act quickly if they have symptoms—or to take extra precautions if they are asymptomatic—the ability to fight this pandemic can be strengthened.