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Health Information Systems webinar series

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  • The 3M Quality webinar series is focused on crucial issues facing CDI managers and directors, as well as HIM and Quality directors. These webinars provide expert insights to hospitals that may find themselves at risk on key quality measures. Live webinars also include Q&A sessions and links to archived recordings to give you.

  • The 3M CDI Innovation Webinar Series offers in-depth sessions with 3M experts and clients on a wide variety of emerging CDI challenges and opportunities such as: shifting care settings, evolving payment models, advancing technology, rising consumerism and much more.

  • 3M Virtual Pulse webinar will address essential matters facing imaging practices. Driven by audience participation, these live, real time webinars deliver insights and best practices for this unique groups.

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Enable smarter, better health care. The 2022 3M summer webinar series.

Join us this summer for a three-part webinar series, focused on how your organization can prioritize strategic initiatives, engage more effectively with your members, increase quality and lower costs with 3M.

Webinar 1: Payment optimization and innovation in healthcare
Date: June 28, 1 p.m. ET

Webinar 2: Deliver on quality initiatives with 3M methodologies
Date: July 14, 1 p.m. ET

Webinar 3: Improving outcomes through better patient engagement
Date: Aug. 23, 1 p.m. ET

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Past webinars on demand
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    Drivers, Challenges and Opportunities in Value Based Care (Sponsored with AHIP)

    • As the health care industry seeks more separation from fee-for-service and with COVID-19 forever shifting the industry, health insurance providers continue to wrestle with the dynamics of consolidation, delivery system change, and value-based care (VBC). There is a need to create scalable, transparent, and equitable VBC programs that include quality and payment and bring value to members. These members, many who have avoided care and are now not only sicker but also have more advanced and complex illnesses, need to be identified and flagged for care management. Using risk adjustment in your VBC program can help you, your providers, and members come to agreement on measuring and improving value and patient outcomes.
    • There are many tools that can measure performance but if not done on a risk-adjusted basis quality, financial and outcomes measures may not be truly reflective of value. In order to ensure improvements, health insurance providers must design value-based payment (VBP) programs that leverage equitable policy decisions and utilize risk adjusted methodologies that focus on population health improvements and keeping members healthier.
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    Implementing a patient-driven HCC process (Sponsored with Becker's Hospital Review)

    • Medicare Advantage programs and the capture of Hierarchal Condition Categories (HCCs) is a complex process. The accurate representation of a patient’s chronic condition is key with the transition to value based cared. Operationalizing the HCC process requires engagement with the physician, clinical documentation integrity teams and other stakeholders, working together to identify and capture clinical insights related to the patient condition. During this webinar, leaders from 3M will discuss how health care organizations can create and drive a patient driven HCC process to ensure accurate representation of a patient’s chronic condition.
  • Episodes of care success strategies

    This webinar will address how to leverage insights into populations of individuals with heightened socio-clinical risk to be proactive in managing referral patterns, network management, and individual care management gaps. By building an episodes of care program, we can align incentives that foster accountability, lower total cost of care, and improve patient outcomes.

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  • Improving health equity using social and clinical risk (Sponsored with AHIP)

    Learn how to use data to target both individuals and communities facing health care disparities in ways that align with successful value-based care strategies.

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  • Using clinical and social risks to improve patient outcomes (Sponsored with Medicaid Health Plans of America)

    3M experts Gordon Moore, M.D., and Melissa Clarke, M.D. discuss how to use data to target both individuals and communities facing health care disparities in ways that align with successful value-based care strategies.

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