Solutions and services for 3M business partners

Read our business partners fact sheet. (PDF, 488.14 KB).

Add value and at the same time minimize your development costs and delivery deadlines. 3M value-added products can be integrated or embedded into your own solutions to provide a seamless solution for your clients. 3M has health care industry expertise as well as high quality, content-rich, robust products and services to meet your needs in several areas.

  • Robust and reliable content

    3M offers risk-adjusted classification of payment and patient outcomes, calculated patient outcomes, resource utilization and health system analytics. Our powerful grouping methodologies, web- and cloud-based content distribution, reimbursement calculation, and performance measurement solutions are available for these reimbursement models:

    • Medicare and non-Medicare
    • Medicaid and state-specific models
    • Continuum of care
    • Private payers