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Ease physician burnout:

Make less work of desk work with AI-powered clinical documentation


Clinicians battle widespread burnout and dissatisfaction in a complex health care environment with competing priorities, administrative burden and lack of time. On top of that, documentation and compliance requirements never stop.

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The physician burnout crisis:

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    58% of physicians often have feelings of burnout¹

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    68% of clinicians say burnout has negatively affected their relationships²

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    54% of burned out physicians say it severely impacts their lives²

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Clinical documentation burden is causing burnout:

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    60% of physicians say bureaucratic tasks contribute to burnout²

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    Physicians report spending nearly 50% of their work day on EHR and desk work while spending only 27% of their total time on direct clinical face time with patients.³

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    More than one-third of physicians reported moderately high or excessive time spent on the EHR at home.⁴


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