More than a vendor — The difference between a contract, a partnership and a relationship

A case study with LCMC Health, New Orleans

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    As a growing health system using disparate technologies across multiple facilities LCMC Health was looking for ways to standardize the clinical documentation experience. The evaluation team at LCMC Health was also tasked with cutting transcription costs when deciding on front-end speech recognition and electronic health record (EHR) solutions. Once the organization selected Epic as its EHR across facilities, the hunt was on for speech recognition that helped optimize the documentation experience for its physicians. The hospital assembled a committee to define criteria and ultimately select the best solution to meet this objective.

    “We’re not about vendors or partners; we’re about relationships, and that’s what we wanted,” said Dr. Damon Dietrich, chief medical information officer at LCMC Health.

    When taking the initial steps to look at speech recognition solutions, AI-driven 3M™ M*Modal Fluency Direct made a lasting impression. Because users experienced out-of-the-box accuracy, 16 out of 17 physicians on the panel selected 3M Fluency Direct as the organization’s speech recognition solution. “Bottom line—we chose 3M because it was superior to others,” Dr. Dietrich said.

    Learn more about how LCMC Health and 3M have created a trusted partnership that creates exceptional savings for the organization and a better clinical documentation experience for its physicians.

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“My co-workers are spending less time in the EHR, where they are no longer tied to the chart. Now they spend more time researching patient charts before an appointment, more time with the patient, more time with their families or with a hobby.”

— Dr. Damon Dietrich,
Chief medical information officer at LCMC Health

Saving money and unlocking time

Since implementing 3M Fluency Direct, LCMC Health:

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    Saved $1.4 million on transcription from April 2018 to December 2022

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    Staff are spending less time in the EHR and more time on patient care

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“The 3M team was willing to be contacted day or night because as a team, we ride together, we die together. They continue to reinforce why we made the right decision by organizationally keeping their standards, their integrity and honesty.”

— Dr. Dietrich

  • As with any case study, results, outcomes and/or financial improvements should not be interpreted as a guarantee or warranty of similar results. Individual results may vary depending on a facility’s circumstances.

Get the 3M Fluency Direct story here

Download the full case study and learn more about how this speech and AI-powered solution conversationally creates complete clinical notes directly within the EHR.

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