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Technology that empowers physicians

Clinicians spend significant time on administrative tasks, which can take time away from patients. The documentation burden leads to physician burnout and can hurt the patient experience.

  • Physician working on a laptop

    Physicians report spending nearly 50% of their work day on electronic health record (EHR) and desk work¹

  • Clipboard

    55% of physicians report administrative tasks are the main cause of burnout³

  • Physician working on a computer

    Computerized physician order entry (CPOE) accounts for 43 minutes of EHR time for physicians each day²

  • Stack of paperwork

    37% of physicians feel too much paperwork and regulations contribute to their feelings of burnout⁴

3M™ M*Modal Fluency Align is a conversational artificial intelligence (AI)-powered solution that is cloud-based, secure and mobile. It enables the capture of a complete, structured clinical note in the EHR directly from the patient-physician interaction. All of this happens automatically in the background, allowing the clinician to remain focused on the patient.

With 3M Fluency Align, clinicians can easily:

  • Doctor talking with a patient
    Capture the patient-physician interaction
    • A purpose-built ambient device that captures the patient visit unobtrusively and in real time
    • A convenient and secure mobile app for the capture of the medical conversation
  • Medical chart on a computer
    Control the EHR
    • Easy EHR navigation with speech commands and intuitive workflows
    • Conversationally input and retrieve data
    • Cut time in the EHR by speech enabling CPOE
  • Medical chart on a smartphone
    Create structured notes
    • Clinical notes created, with clinician documentation preferences, as a byproduct of the patient-physician encounter
    • Quality review before the clinical note is delivered to the EHR
    • Deep learning technology makes the solution continuously smarter
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It's quite simple.

3M Fluency Align is easy to use, flexible and helps clinicians spend less time in the EHR. 3M’s conversational AI empowers more than 300,000 clinicians to transform the experience of health care.


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