Case study: Real results with computer-assisted physician documentation

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    Location: Southeastern United States

    Beds: 7,600+

    Annual patient encounters: 12 million+

Their story

  • Focused on advancing health care, the Documentation Excellence committee at this health care system recognized physician documentation as a key driver for reimbursement and quality metrics. As the committee members reviewed their organization’s current query process, they identified inefficiency in the communication between physicians and the CDI teams: Here was an opportunity to enhance the accuracy and documentation of the patient story.

    Using antiquated clarification methods and technology, physicians and CDI teams were weighed down with inefficient workflows and a repetitive clarification process. CDI teams couldn’t focus on the tougher clinical conversations while the patient was still in-house, and physicians couldn’t make corrections and clarifications while the case was still fresh in their minds. The end result was missing or unclear documentation, which can significantly impact revenues and quality reporting scores.

The solution

  • In 2017, this organization selected the 3M™ 360 Encompass™ MD System to streamline its physician and CDI workflows and released the 3M technology in a staggered roll-out. To date, 75-85 percent of the organization relies on 3M 360 Encompass MD. This revolutionary platform, designed to capture correct, complete and compliant data and documentation, was a natural expansion of their current 3M™ 360 Encompass™ System. 3M 360 Encompass MD extends the natural language processing (NLP) benefits of the 3M 360 Encompass platform to physicians and more efficiently connects them with CDI and coding teams.

A look under the hood

  • Leveraging the 3M NLP engine, 3M 360 Encompass MD can read documentation and prompt physicians in real-time with specific opportunities. The system essentially acts as a 24/7 CDI reviewer looking over the physician’s shoulder. In addition, 3M 360 Encompass MD gives physicians the flexibility to review and respond to documentation clarification requests while in their workflow.

    Physicians aren’t the only ones reaping the benefits. The 3M™ 360 Encompass™ MD System automates a subset of the most commonly generated queries, so CDI specialists can expand their case coverage, focus on more complex queries and patient cases, address quality related issues, and better assist physicians with the specificity of ICD-10.

The results

  • With 3M 360 Encompass MD, the organization reports impressive results. To date, physicians have achieved a 50 percent time-savings by reducing the number of mouse clicks from seven to three. In addition, the average time to respond to concurrent clarifications decreased from 1.7 days to 1.4 days for manual and 0.85 for automated requests. From all reports, the organization has nothing but positive feedback from the physicians.

    The CDI and coding sides are equally excited. A time study comparing the old process to the new revealed a 56 percent time savings. The old process required 19 steps to post a clarification, which then had to be logged into 3M’s system so coders and CDI teams could confer. With 3M 360 Encompass MD, there is only one place to post clarifications, simplifying the workflow for CDI and coding teams.

Optimized for the future

  • Teaming with 3M helps this health care system stay true to its mission of improving patient care. With 3M 360 Encompass MD, physicians can better manage their “information overload,” and CDI teams can expand their case coverage to more complex queries and patient records. Equipped with an automated query process and an efficient workflow, organizations like this one can advance their CDI and coding programs to unprecedented levels.

With the 3M™ 360 Encompass™ MD System, this organization:

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    Improved physician productivity by eliminating four mouse clicks for a 50% time savings

  • Icon of a calendar

    Decreased concurrent clarification time from 1.7 days to 1.4 for manual queries and to
    0.85 days for automated queries

  • Icon of a target with a computer mouse pointed towards the center

    Streamlined coder and CDI workflows by decreasing 19 mouse clicks for a 56% time savings

  • Icon of a star inside a circle with most of its border shaded in

    Achieved 82% more clarifications

  • Icon of a bar chart with an arrow pointing up at an angle

    Improved its case mix index (CMI) by 1.24%

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