Case study: 3M™ 360 Encompass™ System real results – Midwestern Hospital

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    Hospital profile

    Location: Midwestern United States
    Type: Level 1 Trauma Center
    Beds: 2,200
    Annual admissions: 102,000

Their story

  • Competing priorities and regulatory uncertainty make it difficult for health care organizations to transition to value-based reimbursement models. On the upside, this transition will take place over several years. On the downside, organizations who delay aligning their processes to value-based reimbursement could face staggering consequences.

    To make a successful transition, this organization recognized visibility into the patient story as a key component. This not only required sophisticated technology to capture, analyze and advance patient data across the continuum of care, but also required a single solution that could adapt and evolve with ever-changing regulations.

The solution

  • Along with more than 2,000 health care organizations in the U.S., this organization selected the 3M™ 360 Encompass™ System to advance patient data and connect its clinical documentation and coding workflows. Shortly after implementation, gains in efficiency, case mix index and coding productivity followed.

    As evolving payment models continued to demand a stronger focus on performance outcomes, the 3M 360 Encompass System evolved to include robust quality metrics reporting and enhanced team collaboration across the organization. Although 3M 360 Encompass was originally introduced to the organization as a solution to the ICD-10 crisis, today it has evolved into a platform of innovative solutions that not only advance patient data, but also break down the silos separating the coding, CDI and quality teams. The integrated workflows within 3M 360 Encompass enable coders and CDI specialists to work from the same content, reducing duplication. This empowers coding teams to take advantage of the pre-coding work done by the CDI team and allows both teams to see each other’s notes, summaries, queries, follow-ups and findings.

    The organization also harnesses the time-saving benefits of the 3M™ 360 Encompass™ System. After the move to an electronic health record system, the organization reported an increase in the length of notes. However, with 3M’s natural language processing platform, the organization can now streamline the process by locating evidence throughout the documentation, enabling coders to be more efficient with their time.

Their results with 3M 360 Encompass

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    Achieved nearly 100% identification rate in patient safety indicators (PSIs) and hospital-acquired conditions (HACs)
  • Icon of three coders
    Increased productivity so that outsourced coders were no longer required
  • Icon of a graph trending upwards
    Improved its case mix index (CMI) by 2.73%
  • Leveraging 3M’s artificial intelligence tools, the organization achieved nearly 100 percent identification rate for patient safety indicators (PSIs) and hospital-acquired conditions (HACs).

    In terms of coder productivity, the organization reports that it has been able to streamline its processes and increase productivity to where they no longer use contract coders to cover vacations, holidays or the busy summer season. By using 3M’s suggested workflows, the organization has found it easier to validate codes, review evidence and make coding additions, deletions, changes and cross-references.

    With enhanced team collaboration and process automation, this organization has not only improved patient outcomes, but also increased their case mix index by 2.73 percent, which can significantly improve the bottom line.

    With a single platform like 3M 360 Encompass, organizations can:

    • Enable workflow visibility for coding, CDI and quality teams so they can see each other’s notes, summaries, queries, follow-ups and findings—all while the patient is still in-house
    • Monitor and manage quality results in detail with more than 100 reports
    • Receive reports in real-time from patient documentation on the key quality indicators, including AHRQ (PSI, PDI, NQI), HACs, ACRs, PPRs and PPCs
    • Offer quality professionals access to CDI workflow for better investigation and fewer redundancies

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