Computer-assisted coding
Can computer-assisted coding improve your case mix index?

A blind study shows with 95 percent certainty that a hospital on board with the 3M™ 360 Encompass™ System will have a positive Case Mix Index (CMI) shift between 0.0102 and 0.2069.


Insights into computer-assisted coding and CDI

  • Collaborative CDI

    Six steps to a collaborative CDI program

    Collaborating across silos is key to succeeding in quality-focused CDI efforts. Cheryl Manchenton, senior inpatient consultant at 3M HIS, highlights the six steps to create a cross-functional team.

  • Computer-assisted CDI

    Did the promise of computer-assisted CDI deliver?

    See our latest infographic highlighting the results of computer-assisted CDI.

  • Computer-assisted coding

    Balancing ICD-10 coding rules and data needs

    Coding is fundamentally a balancing act, a delicate, high-wire dance intended to get useful data from the medical record that can be widely shared in health care.

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