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Change is power.

Five ways 3M is empowering professional fee coding.

The price of doing the same old thing is far higher than the price of change.

  • One of the biggest challenges any organization faces is change. And the truth about change is that it’s hard because the status quo usually seems good enough.

    Professional fee coding is no different. To improve efficiency for your organization, transformation requires empowerment on all levels: coders, physicians and senior leadership.

    To help you avoid the common pitfalls, like getting stuck using paper forms and manual processes, 3M offers solutions that can empower your teams to make lasting organizational improvements.

1. Flexibility.

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    Empower your current systems with flexibility.

    3M understands there are multiple electronic health records (EHRs) in use today and that health care organizations often rely on diverse billing systems. To fit flexibly into such an environment, 3M’s powerful professional coding solutions can receive professional data from most EHR systems, assist the professional coding workflow and then send final codes back to a professional billing system—all in a synchronized manner.

    3M has technology solutions based on artificial intelligence (AI) that fit the needs of all organization sizes and settings.

"Nothing touches [3M’s] product as far as efficiency and usability. [The 3M team is] also very flexible and willing to work with you as a client to fine tune the process to work for you."

–Director, Revenue Integrity, hospital, southeast United States
3M℠ CodeAssist℠ System client

2. Compliance.

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    Empower your organization with accuracy.

    The 3M professional fee coding solutions feature alerts that help coders proactively address and comply with professional coding and billing rules. Built-in queries create open lines of communication between clinicians and coders.

    In addition, evaluation and management (E/M) coding is appropriately tied to the documentation in a demonstrable way, resulting in more consistent and accurate E/M level assignment.


    95% accuracy rate

3. Productivity.

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    Empower your coders with soaring productivity.

    Coders who use 3M may see their productivity increase up to 70 percent.

    Thanks to 3M’s revolutionary professional coding workflow, coding teams can now simplify their efforts, reduce redundant work and unify their reporting.



    35-70% increased productivity

"The disparate work stream of hospital coding versus professional coding was consuming two times the resources ... [and] the [3M] technology offered us the opportunity to partner and to elevate all of [the coders’] skills."

–Executive director, health information, academic medical center, western United States
3M™ 360 Encompass™ Professional System client

4. Confidence.

  • Empower your coders with confidence.

    With 3M, professional fee coders can rely on a coder-centric workflow that gathers all relevant information from the entire encounter to drive clean, accurate and compliant ICD-10 and CPT® coding. This approach, coupled with up-to-date clinical and regulatory updates, sophisticated alerts and query functionality, can help coders make accurate and compliant coding and billing decisions. The result? Confident coders.

“The single-path coding platform allows us to code both CPT® and diagnosis codes for facility and the professional sides. We can also clear edits in the system. For us, it’s really great, because prior to going live with single path, I could not see professional CPT codes."

– Director, HIM Outpatient Coding, academic health system, level 1 trauma center, southwestern United States
3M™ 360 Encompass™ Professional System client

5. Efficiency.

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    Empower with automation.

    For organizations where clinicians are doing most of the coding, 3M provides direct-to-bill functionality that allows for user-defined rules to automatically review and send appropriate claims directly to the billing system without additional clinician or coder intervention. This feature means you have a clean, compliant bill that significantly lowers your risk for denials and rework.

    100% record review

3M. The power of change.

No matter the setting, 3M has the professional coding solution for you.

  • The 3M™ 360 Encompass™ Professional System is the industry’s first encounter-based professional coding solution. The technology brings the power of 3M’s computer-assisted coding (CAC), physician query capability and reporting to coding and billing. It empowers professional coders to improve productivity, accuracy, reconciliation and compliance.

    The 3M℠ CodeAssist℠ System is a stand-alone, web-based solution that examines the full text of a physician’s report and automatically assigns accurate CPT® and ICD codes. Many of the nation’s top physician practices, billing companies and multi-specialty clinics use 3M CodeAssist as the foundation of their coding operations.

    3M also offers business process advisory services that provide qualified experts to help health care organizations manage change, build coder competence and set the stage for success.

  • Results, outcomes and/or financial improvements should not be interpreted as a guarantee or warranty of similar results. Individual results may vary depending on a facility’s circumstances.

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