Zero in on CDI cases with the highest impact

We’re talking about high impact on quality, risk-adjustment scores and financial outcomes. The ability to prioritize and automate CDI worklists helps CDI teams increase efficiency—with the same staff. This elevates the role of CDI specialists by allowing them to focus efforts on top priority cases for both initial and follow-up reviews.

What distinguishes 3M’s CDI worklist capability is flexibility and transparency. Clients can customize the rules, logic and targets to prioritize based on their organization’s specific needs. NLP technology suggests queries for CDI specialists based on things hidden the patient’s documentation to get the most out of every review.

CDI team face challenges
Blind case review vs computer assisted CDI
  • Manual review
    Manual review
    • CDI specialist codes the chart
    • High opportunity cases are buried
    • Patients are discharged before review or follow up
  • Computer-assisted CDI
    Computer-assisted CDI

    Uses natural language processing (NLP), to help CDI leadership focus their teams on cases that have the greatest impact.

    NLP drives transparent and customizable prioritization rules for:

    • Health systems
    • Facilities
    • Teams
    • Users

    Worklists can be prioritized by:

    • Focus DRG
    • DRG opportunity
    • Quality indicators
    • Financial opportunity
    • Case status
    • Query opportunity
Results in
  • Manual reviews results
    Manual reviews result in:
    • Lost time
    • Missed financial opportunity
    • Missed quality
  • Computer-assisted CDI results
    Computer-assisted CDI results in:
    • Reviews start when patient enters the facility
    • Expanding CDI coverage goals to include all payers (Medicaid and commercial insurers)
    • The ability to address quality impact
    • Meeting financial goal by reviewing more cases with an impact to reimbursement
    • Expanding CDI program with the same number of staff

“We've been able to meet our financial goals, as well as enhance our coverage targets. This allowed us to look at a restructure and align the teams and build out different programs within the CDI arena with the same staffing levels.”

Henry Ford Health System

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