3M™ 360 Encompass™Audit Expert System – Inpatient Prebill Review

The 3M 360 Encompass Audit Expert System now offers Inpatient Prebill Review, a module that allows organizations to create and deploy actionable edits in their inpatient coding process. These actionable edits leverage user-defined edit capabilities with additional, logic-based prompts and guidance for the coder at the time of coding. Inpatient Prebill Review also provides automatic, second-level review capabilities to streamline record reviews and increase transparency.

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Actionable edits

Increase your inpatient coding accuracy, completeness and compliance at the point of coding with actionable edits. These logic-based prompts help coders identify more accurate codes upstream, resulting in cleaner claims downstream.

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Edit-driven reviews

Address coding issues with automated, second-level review capabilities based on edit-driven criteria. You can also perform additional reviews in the 3M™ 360 Encompass™ System to meet other organizational needs.

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Tracking and reporting

Create increased transparency throughout the coding and auditing workflows. You can track and report on productivity, review the actionable edits that are activated in a coding session, and apply other key metrics for your organization.

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3M’s single platform advantage

Inpatient Prebill Review validates the integrity of inpatient codes from the same system on which they are coded, saving time, reducing errors and avoiding duplicate work for your teams.

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