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Case study: Kettering Health Network

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    Founded in 1964 by innovator Charles F. Kettering, this not-for-profit organization is comprised of 8 hospitals and 120 outpatient facilities and employs nearly 12,000 personnel and 2,100 physicians. With more than 1,500 beds, the organization reports 50,000 discharges a year and is recognized for its revolutionary advances in heart, brain and spine surgery. The nationally ranked organization preserves a tradition of innovation and cutting-edge technology to sustain a modernized health care environment.

    3M products and services used by Kettering Health Network

The challenge

  • As health care transitions to value-based payment models, providers are pressed to rethink their coding and documentation methods. Implementing a system that accurately pinpoints the severity of patient conditions is key to accurate and complete reimbursement.

    Across the industry, as discussions about health care reform grow louder, traditional payment models are evolving. At their roots, regulatory changes demand a stronger focus on performance outcomes to substantiate reimbursement and alleviate claim denials. The resulting environment makes it difficult for providers to stay ahead of the curve. Now, more than ever, organizations seek innovative solutions as they adapt to government regulations and growing volumes of data.

Investing in the future

  • Kettering Health Network, like many organizations, needed a sophisticated platform to automate coding, improve documentation, advance quality performance and manage data. With more than 30 years of industry experience, 3M was prepared to deliver the right solutions.

    In 2012, Kettering Health Network joined more than 2,000 organizations by choosing the 3M™ 360 Encompass™ System to unite its clinical documentation and coding workflows.

    The 3M 360 Encompass platform integrates computer-assisted coding, clinical documentation improvement, concurrent quality metrics and data analytics into a single application. It is a one-stop solution for streamlining revenue cycles, improving clinician insights and generating accurate reimbursement.

    The platform offers users multiple dashboards and workflows, integration between CDI and coder teams, numerous reporting capabilities and embedded quality indicators.

    Kettering’s partnership with 3M is long standing. “I feel like they’re there when we need them,” says Schrubb. “I’m very proud of our partnership with 3M over the years.”

    Despite the challenges of an aggressive platform implementation timeline, Kettering reported that 3M was with them through thick and thin.

“Our greatest gain with 3M 360 Encompass is our clinical documentation improvement.
Before the change, we had a process that was not working well.”
Debbie Schrubb

Director, Corporate Health Information Management
Kettering Health Network

The results

  • The 3M 360 Encompass System platform established a foundation for optimal growth by maximizing Kettering’s clinical documentation improvement and providing rich, reliable data on key quality metrics. As a result, the organization could identify any coding or documentation concerns prior to billing, as well as drill down into root-cause analysis while the patient was still in-house.

    “Our greatest gain with 3M 360 Encompass is our clinical documentation improvement,” says Schrubb. “Before the change, we had a process that was not working well.”

    Shortly after the implementation, Kettering reported nearly 100 percent identification rate for patient safety indicators (PSIs) and hospital-acquired conditions (HACs).

    “This dramatic change caught the attention of executives,” says Schrubb. “It’s made a huge difference.”

    Harnessing the benefits of 3M 360 Encompass enabled Kettering to avoid the expected 30 percent decline in productivity during the ICD-10 transition. The organization only dropped 9 percent during the transition, while much of the industry experienced a significantly higher productivity decrease.

    With the ICD-10 transition behind them, leaders at Kettering set their sights on future productivity gains.

    Before and after the implementation of 3M 360 Encompass, Kettering invested in a portfolio of innovative 3M products to enhance its insights and opportunities. In 2006, for example, Kettering implemented the 3M™ Ambulatory Revenue Management Software (ARMS) and the result was a significant increase in clean claim rates.

    “We initially had about a 70 percent clean claim rate, and within a few years of using the software we reached 98 percent,” says Schrubb. “We’ve got cleaner claims; they go right out the door, and they never get touched by another human again.”

    Teaming with 3M helps Kettering stay true to its culture of innovation and cutting edge technology. 3M uniquely positions its experts to help Kettering navigate change and gain competitive advantage.

    “3M listens to us, and they want us to be successful with the products we purchase,” says Schrubb.

    The integration of 3M training and technology paves the way for crucial data xchange and sharing among key caregivers, empowering the organization to maximize functionality in an ever-evolving market.

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