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Engaging learning for your workforce

Sharpen your skills with our in-depth, self-paced and instructor led training.

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Training content development

Creates high-quality training materials and content, including self-paced modules, tutorials and videos.

Training operations

Manages HIS Health Care Academy and furnishes insights through post-training reporting and tracking.

Training delivery

We're a team of application and technical trainers delivering training at client sites, online, and soon in an HIS office near you! We do full implementation training (including pre and post), and premium paid and learning strategy sessions.

Discover the best learning paths for you

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    Browse our certification programs to enhance and validate your skills.

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    Continuing education opportunities

    3M experts offer a variety of educational resources that you can rely on as dependable sources of continuing education, delivering the insights you need on a consistent basis.

    Continue your education

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    3M HIS Health Care Academy

    The 3M HIS Health Care Academy allows clients to have 24/7 access to online learning that is based on your license with 3M and custom built for your needs. You can log on and find courses that support the training you are looking for.

    Log in to Health Care Academy
    *Google Chrome is the recommended browser.

    For technical assistance, please submit a support ticket.

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