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Industry Speaking Events

See where our subject matter experts and clients will be presenting on a variety of health care topics.

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  • American Academy of Professional Coders (AAPC) HealthCon 2019

    Dates: April 28-May 1 in Las Vegas, NV


    Jean Jones
    3M Clinical Development Analyst, Ambulatory Content

    Understand quality measures that directly impact radiology services and be prepared for changes coming in 2019. 

    Presentation: "Supportive documentation for quality measures in radiology”

  • American Association for Physician Leadership (AAPL) 2019 Spring Summit

    Dates: May 3-5 in Washington, D.C.


    Dr. Beth Wolf
    3M Physician Advisor

    Design a systematic approach to clinical validation of documentation that promotes accurate quality outcomes data, mitigates compliance risk and addresses and prevents denials.

    Presentation: "Clinical validity for high-profile diagnoses: Connecting accurate documentation to improved quality outcomes"

  • 2019 Quad-State HIMA (AL, GA, NC, SC) Annual Meeting & Exhibit

    Dates: May 5-8 in Myrtle Beach, SC


    Dr. Beth Wolf
    3M Physician Advisor

    Establish your own clinical validation workflow that engages CDI, coders, and physicians in understanding definitive criteria for common conditions.

    Presentation: "Clinical validity for high-profile diagnoses: Connecting accurate documentation to improved quality outcomes"

    Beth Baker Eichorst
    3M Outpatient Project Manager, Consulting Services

    Discover why bronchoscopy procedures are peformed for certain conditions and how these procedures are used and reported.

    Presentation: “Understanding interventional pulmonology: Bronchoscopy procedures and coding fundamentals"

  • 2019 Northern California State of Reform Health Policy Conference

    Dates: May 9 in Sacramento, CA


    Dr. Gordon Moore
    3M Senior Medical Director, Population and Payment Solutions

    Evaluate practical strategies for combining data-supported physician education, innovative primary care incentives, and collaborative efforts across the continuum of healthcare.

    Presentation: "Envisioning the future of primary care"

    Carole Cusack
    3M Vice President, Innovative Provider Solutions

    Address best practices for developing alternative payment models that link claims reimbursement to value rather than volume. Improve financial and patient outcomes through value-based care.

    Presentation: "Lessons learned from value-based care"

  • Association of Clinical Documentation Improvement Specialists (ACDIS) 2019 Annual Conference

    Dates: May 20-23 in Kissimmee, FL


    Dr. Beth Wolf
    3M Physician Advisor

    Understand the pathophysiology of metastases and the impact on distant organs to ensure that patients are accurately represented in the risk-adjusted data.

    Presentation: "Metastatic cancer: Progression, complications, and CDI Opportunities"

    Review Surgical Quality Initiative definitions for common conditions, understand severity and risk in abstracted data, and develop strategies to overcome differences in clinical indicator interpretation.

    Presentation: "Surgical quality databases: What to do when clinical definitions vary"

    Brian Ice
    Vice President, Clinical Revenue Cycle - Allegheny Health Network

    Linda Danhires
    Clinical Documentation Improvement Director - Allegheny Health Network

    Identify specific opportunities to improve documentation and how to assess the benefits, challenges, and key components of a CDI transformation initiative.

    Presentation: "Using data to drive CDI program success”

    Cassi Birnbaum
    System-wide Director of HIM and Revenue Integrity - UC San Diego Health

    Learn how to redesign the coding and documentation enterprise to create a holistic, singular approach to improve HCC risk adjustment coding, enterprise charge capture, quality, and medical necessity edits.

    Presentation: “Enterprise documentation and coding strategies to improve in population health”

  • New York HIMA (NYHIMA) 2019 Annual Conference

    Dates: June 2-5 in Syracuse, NY


    Phil Goyeau
    3M Revenue Cycle Solutions Executive

    Discover how to prevent denials across the revenue cycle from registration to final billing using best practices and common pitfalls, such as incomplete review processes that cause denials.

    Presentation: "Don't just manage payer denials, prevent them"

  • California HIMA (CHIA) 2019 Convention & Exhibit

    Dates: June 8-12 in Indian Wells, CA


    Lane Lewis
    3M Revenue Cycle Solutions Executive

    To succeed under a valued-based reimbursement model, organizations must focus and invest in CDI for outpatient and office settings on a par with the CDI effort given to the inpatient acute-care setting.

    Presentaion: "CDI across the continuum of care"

  • Texas HIMA (TxHIMA) 2019 Annual Convention

    Dates: June 23-25 in Galveston, TX


    Brian O'Rourke
    3M Revenue Cycle Solutions Executive

    Address potentially competing documentation guidelines for MS-DRGs, APR-DRGs, SOI/ROM, PSIs, HACs, and HCCs. Understand the impact of HCCs on the revenue cycle and how to adjust documentation and coding practices for HCC success.

    Presentation: “HCCs and risk adjustment in the shift to value-based care”

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