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3M Health Policy Executive Summit

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  • Improving member safety: The hidden costs of elective procedures
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      • Elective surgical and medical procedures are one of the fastest growing areas in health care expenditures. A new 3M solution identifies and quantifies post procedure complications and excess utilization. This session will take an in-depth look at orthopedic, cardiac, urology, pediatric, and gastroenterology elective procedure complication results. Dr. Wadhwa and our panel also describes how the solution can be incorporated into value-based care arrangements, network selection and evaluation, public reporting, and physician and facility payment penalties/incentives to reduce avoidable costs and measurably improve member experience and safety.
      • Speakers:
        Gregg Kamas, director of Medicare quality and the PDP stars program, Mutual of Omaha
        Yichen Zhang, lead health economist, clinical and economic research, 3M HIS
        Dr. Sandeep Wadhwa, global CMO, 3M HIS
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      • Industry leaders and subject matter experts take a look at improving outcomes by reducing complications, creating actionable data for providers, payers, hospitals, and researchers, and informing collaboration efforts amongst the healthcare industry, highlights high-performing providers. 3M™ Ambulatory Potentially Preventable Complications (AM-PPCs) provide insight into understanding complication rates across the continuum of care, inpatient and ED complication rates across facilities, and national averages of complication rates for comparative analysis.
      • Speakers:
        Gina Perna, regional manager, 3M HIS
        Lisa Lanier, methodology consultant, 3M HIS
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      • This panel discusses how 3M™ Severe Maternal Morbidity solution addresses not only the CDC’s 21 severe maternal morbidity (SMM) indicators but also a consortium of preventable complications from antepartum through postpartum encounters. Our subject matter experts will address how to pinpoint and solve SMM complications efficiently and effectively.
      • Speakers:
        Jamie McCarthy, principal strategy consultant, 3M HIS
        Shannon Garrison, lead healthcare policy analyst, 3M HIS
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      • With the 40-year anniversary of the Medicare Inpatient Prospective Payment System (IPPS) approaching, there have been many lessons learned and key takeaways that can be applied to expand the scope of IPPS moving forward. Please join former 3M Director of Public Policy, Rich Averill, as he takes a look at some of the most important takeaways from the past 40 years of IPPS, and what to expect as the program continues to expand hospital incentives to reduce costs and improve quality of care.
      • Speaker:
        Richard F. Averill, principal, The Hesperium Group
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      • State directed payments (SDPs) are a topic of increasing interest among federal regulatory officials and state Medicaid leaders. This panel discussion will offer insight into the role SDPs can play in advancing delivery system reform efforts as well as strategic initiatives aimed at enhancing access to care and improving the quality of care offered to Medicaid members. The panel will also explore recent draft regulations issued by federal authorities, seeking to further define the parameters guiding the establishment and maintenance of SDPs. Drawing on the insight of current and former Medicaid directors, the panel will shed light on the challenges state officials face in administering SDP programs as well as the ways in which 3M’s tools can support states in adhering to the current and proposed regulatory framework and in furthering key program improvement initiatives.
      • Speakers:
        Matthew Ferrara, regional manager, 3M HIS
        Amir Bassiri, Medicaid director, New York State, Department of Health
        Victoria Grady, director of provider finance, Texas Health and Human Services Commission
        Jami Snyder, JSN Strategies LLC and former Medicaid director, Arizona Health Care Cost Containment System
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