Patient recommending value-based care
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It may be uncomfortable, but as your patient, I strongly recommend you move to value-based care.

Innovating value-based care. For over 30 years.

5,000 hospitals. 38 state agencies and MedPAC. 200 private insurers. All trust 3M to help them tackle the shift to pay-for-performance, reduce healthcare costs and provide better quality health care.

Value-based care
What's driving value-based care advances nationwide? Find out.

Overcome today's challenges in health care.

  • Treating the mind and body eguide

    eGuide: Treating the mind and body

    Three questions you should consider when linking physical and behavioral health services.

  • Teaming with pharmacy to advance VBC eguide

    eGuide: Teaming with pharmacy to advance VBC

    Pharmacists are in an optimal position to help in the shift to value-based care—lowering costs, bettering outcomes and improving experiences.

  • Single source of truth eguide

    eGuide: A single source of truth

    How much is bad data costing your organization? Without a foundation of accurate data, your strategy to improve operations and achieve value-based care simply may not come to fruition. But how do you make a repository of actionable, reliable data?

  • The journey to VBC eGuide

    eGuide: The journey to VBC

    Help your organization navigate the journey from volume- to value-based health care.

Your organization. Your data. Our analytical power. Applied to achieving value-based care.

See what innovative approaches we take to help our customers on the journey to VBC.

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