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Healthcare inefficiencies are now treatable – introducing the 3M™ Performance Matrix Platform
See a modern take on healthcare performance measurement and management

Turn healthcare data into actionable, cost-saving strategies.

How can your hospital lower excess costs and reduce readmissions? Gain better visibility into your healthcare operations with 3M Performance Matrix—a powerful platform that helps you use medical data analytics to alleviate inefficiency pains.

Way to measure and manage performance
Take a closer look at how to improve healthcare performance management.

Introducing the 3M Performance Matrix Platform, with insights by Verily.

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3M and Verily

  • Verily Life Sciences is a subsidiary of Alphabet Inc. focused on developing tools and devices to collect, organize and activate health data. Its mission is to make the world’s health data useful so that people enjoy healthier, longer lives.

    In October of 2016, 3M Health Information Systems entered into a strategic agreement with Verily. The goal? Develop a technology platform designed to analyze quality performance data across healthcare delivery systems and patient populations, and deliver meaningful information that can be used to promote real and sustainable improvements in healthcare quality and cost.

    The result? The 3M Performance Matrix Platform.

    3M brings 30 years’ experience in health data coding, classification and industry-leading risk stratification methodologies. Verily brings deep domain expertise in healthcare data analytics and the development of advanced healthcare research tools and algorithms.

    Two powerhouses. One solution driving real change.

From healthcare performance management to analytics for value-based care transitions, 3M Performance Matrix can help

65% of doctors believe value-based care will continue to be a high priority

What’s driving value-based care advances nationwide? Find out.


No matter where you are in the transition to value-based care, the 3M Performance Matrix Platform can help.

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How do you improve healthcare operations and navigate quality management issues?

See how to overcome healthcare inefficiencies.

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    Been diagnosed with healthcare operations inefficiencies?

    That’s why value-based care is more important than ever—and we’re here to ease the transition pains. See how we’re helping lower costs and improve care.

    Watch how we treat inefficiencies

  • How to succeed with value-based care.

    Webinars, videos, case studies and white papers. Find these resources and more.

  • The march towards better care continues.

    As political and societal climates change, one thing remains certain: The switch to value-based payment in health care is happening.

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  • VBC eGuide

    Transition from volume to value with analytics for value-based care

    Changes in healthcare are affecting everyone: payers, providers and patients. Learn how the new 3M | Verily partnership helps you successfully transition to VBC.

  • Teaming with pharmacy

    Collaborate your way to value-based care

    Pharmacists are in an optimal position to help in the shift to value-based care—lowering costs, bettering outcomes and improving experiences.

  • Case study

    3M saved Wellmark® Blue Cross® $12M

    Think you’re going to lose money with the transition to value-based care? Think again. See how 3M will help you find what you’re looking for.

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