Building a true picture of a hospital's performance.
Building a true picture of a hospital's performance.
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Outcomes Measurement

3M offers deep expertise to accelerate your efforts to measure and improve clinical and financial outcomes. With more than 30 years of experience in coding and classification, clinical documentation, grouping, terminology, and government regulations, and through relationships with more than 5,000 hospitals, 3M consultants are ready to help you identify the root causes of quality issues and develop a customer-specific workflow and training program to sustain improvements.

How HCCs help hospitals

Donna Smith, 3M Consulting Services, discusses how to best assist hospitals with hierarchical condition categories (HCCs): “You can go into a facility and look at one patient across an entire year through clinics, ambulatory surgeries, ED visits, inpatient visits, to capture all the information and then determine how high the risk score is for that particular patient and look to see if there's opportunity to improve.”

Looking to improve outcomes? Look in one place.

  • Measuring and improving outcomes is about more than tracking key quality indicators. It requires a collaborative effort across the entire system. CDI and coding teams need the means to easily communicate and have visibility into each other’s work. Physicians need the ability to respond to CDI queries, right in their EHR workflow. Quality professionals require access to CDI workflow for better investigation and fewer redundancies. Get the most out of 3M’s quality services with the 3M™ 360 Encompass™ System.

    3M 360 Encompass is a software platform that integrates computer-assisted coding, CDI, quality metrics, HCCS and population analytics into a single application so you can capture, analyze and advance patient information across the care continuum.

Featured Solutions

  • 3M™ Quality Services

    3M™ Quality Services helps quality leaders and CDI managers identify the root causes of quality issues by first determining the accuracy of documentation.

  • 3M™ APR DRG Services

    Training and educational resources to assist a hospital with the transition to 3M™ APR DRGs by a state Medicaid or commercial health plan. From comprehensive consulting to modular services, 3M™ APR DRG Services can help any provider make a seamless transition.

  • Hierarchical Condition Category (HCC) Services from 3M

    A CDI program designed to improve the documentation and coding of Hierarchical Condition Categories (HCCs). More accurate documentation and coding results in more accurate risk-adjusted payment for many health plans and payers.

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