Natural language processing
Natural Language Processing. Applied to make use of unseen data.

Natural language processing (NLP) meets health care.

Natural language processing (NLP) is the ability for computers to understand human speech and text. It’s used in everyday technology, such as email spam detection, personal voice assistants and language translation apps.

When it comes to health care, 3M Health Information Systems (HIS) uses NLP to power computer-assisted coding (CAC) and computer-assisted clinical documentation (CDI). Instead of coders carefully reading clinical documentation and producing codes, they can use their expertise to review auto-suggested codes and turn clinical documentation into a rich data repository.

3M’s NLP platform also automates the process of extracting clinical concepts from unstructured data, such as the free text in EHRs and clinician reports. This information often goes untapped, but composes 80 percent of a healthcare organization’s data.

All of this results in unprecedented improvement in productivity, accuracy and performance.

Understanding NLP.

3M experts give a brief explanation of NLP, and what is to come for enhanced NLP capabilities through 3M™ Clinical Discovery Engine.

NLP and health care—the proof is in the numbers.

When CAC and CDI is NLP-enabled, it can propose useful codes for coders to verify or edit and ensure complete and accurate documentation. 3M’s NLP platform is the basis for the 3M™ 360 Encompass™ System, an application that enables more than 1,600 hospitals and health systems to integrate and streamline CAC and CDI workflows. Increased coding productivity, accurate reimbursement and improved CMI are just a few of the many benefits these hospitals experience.

Featured solutions

The products below use 3M’s powerful NLP platform to help your organization improve accuracy, reimbursement and performance.

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