Looking at health care performance
Redefining health care delivery through value-based care.
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Actionable info to define healthcare value.

Payer organizations need to stop focusing on single views of data, and instead analyze outcomes across healthcare delivery systems and patient populations. Understanding the interdependencies of data is the only way to uncover meaningful connections, identify the root cause of inefficiencies, and promote real (and sustainable) improvements in value-based care.

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  • Meeting to discuss a VBP program

    Successfully implement a VBP program in 5 steps

    The five steps we outline here offer the information necessary to implement a successful VBP program. Our goal is to help you confidently make strategic organizational decisions that promote more efficient, quality care that reduces costs and improves market competitiveness.

  • Little girl in the hospital

    Medicaid best practices in VBC

    Transitioning from volume- to value-based care is not a ‘one and done’ event. It’s a journey along a road that includes several pit stops that promote process improvement and innovation.

  • Pharmacist

    Advancing VBC through pharmacy

    Including the Rx Triad within your VBC program will help you to achieve the IHI’s Triple Aim and deliver the type of value that the U.S. healthcare system demands.

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