Information-driven health plan

Building an information-driven health plan

A four-part webinar series by 3M Health Information Systems

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Are you data-driven or information-driven? Yes, there’s a difference.

Data is raw material, whereas information is a tangible, actionable asset. Data is vital, but to achieve quality improvements and cost-reductions in your organization, being information-driven makes all the difference.

Based on our more than 30 years of experience in transforming healthcare payment, our four-part webinar series showcases the steps necessary to build and manage a truly information-driven health plan. 

Part four: Merge clinical data

A comprehensive claims data repository may not have enough information to form a complete picture of patient health or provider performance. Learn how to form a complete picture of patient health and provider performance by integrating clinical and claims data.

Merge clinical data
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Watch Part four: Focus on merging clinical data
  • Focus on members

    Part one: Focus on members

    Five to 10 percent of patients generate as much as 60 percent of avoidable medical expenses. How can you identify these patients to provide better care management? Learn how in part one of our webinar series.

  • Focus on strategy

    Part two: Focus on providers

    Learn how to help providers improve care by adopting a composite value measure to better understand, and prioritize, existing quality and total cost-of-care metrics.

  • Focus on strategy

    Part three: Focus on strategy

    Learn how to maintain an information-driven, value-based healthcare care strategy by adopting a data asset that provides ongoing visibility into organizational trends and performance.

Manage smarter. Perform better.

Need to overcome a major challenge, or simply optimize how your organization works? With our incredible access to—and in-depth knowledge of—healthcare data, we are ready to help.

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