Healthcare analytics
Data that delivers on value.

Actionable healthcare analytics begins with data you can trust.

Whether you want to build programs for population health management or accountable care, experiment with new payment models, or forge community partnerships to improve market competitiveness, a solid data foundation is the place to start.

A comprehensive and reliable data asset allows you to confidently:

  • Transform the basis on which you pay providers in your network
  • Monitor and manage provider performance
  • Share member data with providers
  • Determine shared savings and performance goals and track progress toward achieving these goals
  • Data that paints a complete picture of care

    Building a single, reliable data asset involves acquiring, aggregating and refining data from multiple sources for a complete picture of care. While this may seem straightforward, it is a complex process that must be approached with intense care and skill. Your dataset will guide and support you in every effort to increase value, and if data integrity is not high, the result can be poor patient health outcomes and sunk costs.

    3M’s data warehousing and aggregation services use claims data to produce a dataset of reliable, actionable healthcare analytics on cost, quality, access and value—preparing you for the evolving world of value-based care.

From data to discoveries.

The foundation of all of 3M’s healthcare analytics is a claims-based dataset designed to deliver metrics you can put into action. It begins with our meticulous data intake and cleansing process. Then, data is risk-adjusted, grouped and calculated to provide information on cost, quality, access and value.

  • 1. Data Intake

    The data intake process involves securing and cleansing data from several sources (e.g., patient longitudinal records, claims data, health risk assessments, lab data, and HIE and public health data).
  • 2. Data Processing

    During data processing, 3M applies advanced algorithms to your raw data. This makes data suitable for measuring the value of care and predicting risks.
  • 3. Data Analysis

    The data analysis phase is when 3M runs several data integrity checks to assure the dataset is clean, complete and error-free.
  • 4. Data Asset

    The result is a claims database that helps you identify opportunities to improve value, design an appropriate program and track your progress. Depending on your goals, your dataset can be enhanced with predictive metrics, budget trends and preventable ED visits.

The latest news on healthcare data

  • The cloud vs. traditional hosting: financial agility like never before

    Can we all agree that cloud technology offers tremendous benefits in platform and cost reduction? In my stewardship of the cloud for 3M Health Information Systems, I’ve also learned how much the cloud has enabled me to consistently impact operating income and the costs of our goods sold (the “bottom line” in finance speak) than when we were using traditional hosting. In the 2000s, our endeavors to host technology, services and products (TSPs) relied on careful planning, capitalized expenses and depreciation schedules. When we decided to invest in a TSP, the cost had little variance as a contracted agreement; it became a fixed investment, a fixed endeavor. Our migration to the cloud has changed the economics of cost from a rigid investment to an opportunity to financially impact the bottom line of our businesses

  • Physicians and documentation: Getting credit for great work

    Why would an orthopedic surgeon develop expertise in documentation and coding? Eugene Christian, MD, Chief Medical Officer for St. Mary’s Bon Secours Hospital in Richmond Virginia describes his work on quality.

  • Industry disruption may finally impact “It’s the pricing” conundrum

    One of the most enlightening insights from a recent University of Washington research study is that pricing contributes to ever-escalating healthcare costs. Since 2003, the annual rate of growth of healthcare spending has averaged 4.5 percent, which is more than two and half times the average rate of inflation over that same period (1.9 percent).

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Featured solutions

  • 3M℠ APCD Solution Suite

    The 3M APCD Solution Suite provides the tools and support necessary for developing and launching a statewide APCD, or other multi-payer database.

  • 3M℠ Intelligent Data Asset

    The 3M Intelligent Data Asset is a claims-based dataset that provides the foundation for value-based care programs. It takes raw claims data and turns it into information that can help optimize both cost and quality.

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