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Work at the top of your license with up-to-date, no coder touch automation that you control

Coding staff shortages and budget constraints are a reality for hospitals and health systems’ revenue cycle departments. In a post-pandemic world, hospitals compete for qualified talent at a national level and regulatory changes, compliance and growing specificity in codes make it challenging to stay up to date. Coding automation can help alleviate these concerns, but what does true coding automation look like and how will it affect health information departments?

  • How it works

    3M 360 Encompass Autonomous Coding works behind the scenes, with full client control, sending all up-to-date outpatient visits through a chart confidence workflow. Within this workflow, visits that pass all the system and client defined automation criteria are fully automated and final coded ready for the next step in the billing process, without any coder interaction. This solution is a truly autonomous coding experience, allowing coders to focus their expertise on more complex cases.

    For those visits that do not pass the criteria, a semi-autonomous workflow will kick in to help expedite and guide coders to a reliable final code set. Using a quality assurance process, your facility determines the percentage of qualified visits presented for coder review, providing additional peace of mind that the system is producing the correct final code set, or if needed, facilities can adjust parameters based on the coder’s expertise.

  • Brittney Luze � How autonomous coding is changing the coding playing field � Described Video (DESCRIBED VIDEO) Text appears on screen that reads: How autonomous coding is changing the coding playing field (BRITTNEY LUZE) In our system, we have all of these pieces of the puzzle. So, we have one piece within our clinic side, we have one in the EMR and then we have some within our coding as well. (DESCRIBED VIDEO) Brittney Luze, who is seated in beautiful outdoor courtyard, begins speaking and title text appears on screen over video: Brittney Luze Director of coding services Avera Health Sioux City, SD (BRITTNEY LUZE) So, it�s really putting all of those pieces together that already exist and putting that puzzle together and billing it direct. So, with no human intervention, not having to touch the account. Why do we need autonomous coding? We need autonomous coding because we�re constantly being asked to do more with less. We�re not going to get any more FTEs. We�re not going to get any more coders. So, even to lessen the burden on the coders, we need some automation with those easier accounts that we feel don�t need that human intervention. (DESCRIBED VIDEO) 3M Science Applied to Life logo appears on screen and fades away.

    Brittney Luze, Director of coding services at Avera Health
  • How autonomous coding is changing the coding playing field

    Coders are constantly being asked to do more with less. Autonomous coding is here to change the game, allowing confident charts to be fully automated with no human touch.


  •   Zero touch, autonomous coding workflow for qualified visits

      Full client control for confidence threshold, quality assurance (QA) review parameters

      Semi-autonomous workflow for visits that don’t qualify for autonomous coding, for additional efficiency and assistance to coders working complex records

      All visits processed with any new or updated documents and requalified automatically through the confidence criteria, based on client-defined controls

      Coders work at the top of their license reviewing only non-qualified visits and QA

      Part of the 3M 360 Encompass total integrated solution and evidence-driven full coding workflow for standardization and easier adoption


  • Escalating demands to streamline coding and billing can lead revenue cycle departments to consider coding automation and leveraging artificial intelligence (AI). However, there are misconceptions about AI in health care automation, so let’s dispel some popular myths.

  • To help ensure all the checks and balances are in place for the hospital revenue cycle, automation solutions should not only be backed up with decades of collective expertise in medical coding, but also address the regulatory compliance and complexities of payments.

  • Artificial intelligence (AI) carries great promise to improve and accelerate progress in automation. With expertise from capture to code, we’re here to help pave a path to automation with responsible AI.

  • Anne Robinson � The evolution of auto-suggestion with 3M Code Confidence � Described Video (DESCRIBED VIDEO) The 3M Science applied to life logo appears on screen over a red and purple gradient background. Logo fades and text appears on screen that reads: The evolution of auto-suggestion with 3M Code Confidence (ANNE ROBINSON) You have these codes that are available for automation. It really is an evolution of auto-suggestion. (DESCRIBED VIDEO) Anne Robinson, who is seated in front of a dark background, begins speaking and title text appears on screen over video: Anne Robinson, RHIA, CPC Vice president middle revenue cycle innovation Ensemble Health Partners (ANNE ROBINSON) It's there to build upon those auto suggested codes that I've always accepted and to say, you've accepted this so many times over and over and over. We're just going to put it into the encoder for you so you don't have to keep accepting it. And that actually helps. Now, instead of me trying to find and code 20 final codes, 5 of them may already be in there for me now I'm only looking for 12 to 13 codes maybe. Within the first month of one client for example, we were able to show we had 40% acceptance rate, which is wow for the first month to have that kind of acceptance rate and the final code set for Code Confidence. (DESCRIBED VIDEO) Icons appear on screen over a red and purple gradient background: one of a one-month calendar and the other of a coder. Text appears on screen next to the icons that reads: 40 percent acceptance rate. (ANNE ROBINSON) We also saw for another client where in their second month on Code Confidence, we did see a decrease of about three minutes overall in how long it takes to code complete. (DESCRIBED VIDEO) The calendar icon disappears and a clock appears next to the icon of the coder. The second-hand on the clock moves backward to represent a three-minute decrease. Text appears on screen next to the icons that reads: decrease in time to code complete. (ANNE ROBINSON) And we did see about a 0.7 of an FTE time that was reduced using Code Confidence. (DESCRIBED VIDEO) A large arrow appears at the top of the screen above the clock and slowly nudges the clock down. Text appears on screen next to the icons that reads: reduction in FTE time. 3M Science applied to life logo appears on screen and fades away.

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    The evolution of auto suggestion with 3M™ Code Confidence

    Ensemble Health Partners is getting clients ready for autonomous coding with 3M Code Confidence. Find out how.

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