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Advancing CDI opportunities at hospitals and health systems

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Clinical documentation integrity

Leverage technology to boost quality and revenue

Clinical documentation integrity (CDI) is a strategic necessity that goes far beyond optimized claims processing. A complete, accurate clinical story supports patient care, quality outcomes, compliance risk management and revenue integrity. CDI leaders know their teams need to focus on cases with the greatest potential impact on quality, risk adjustment and financial outcomes.

With 3M’s artificial intelligence (AI) tools, your team can zero in on the cases that matter most by automating queries, prioritizing worklists and improving outcomes with collaborative workflows. Computer-assisted CDI enhances collaboration between CDI, coding, quality, care management and other teams, helping to identify such patient safety concerns as incompletely or inaccurate documentation, coding or patient care issues. 3M’s CDI AI capability is flexible and transparent, and clients can customize rules, logic and targets. With powerful data analytics and expert coaching, you can continually monitor and improve CDI performance and impact.

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Blogs and podcasts for inpatient CDI

Explore expert insights and discoveries at the intersection of data science and health care.

  • Data integrity is more important than ever

    Your organization cannot be better prepared for the future without accurate data today. This is a time for our CDI community to make our efforts count.

  • Hope for stressed nurses and physicians: The science of design improves the experience of technology use

    Not just during the current COVID-19 pandemic, but for a long time, doctors and nurses have expressed frustration with the administrative work of clinical documentation.

  • COVID-19 and quality: What we know and don't know

    Although our knowledge of COVID-19 is growing, there is a great deal that we still do not know about this disease and its full effects on the body, both acutely and long-term. In light of that, how can we assess quality of care delivered to COVID-19 patients?

Solutions for inpatient CDI

Want to know more about our 3M solutions and services for inpatient CDI? Choose your solution below.

  • 3M™ M*Modal CDI Engage One™ icon
    3M™ M*Modal CDI Engage One™

    3M CDI Engage One delivers real-time clinical insights to clinicians as they document a complete patient story. The 3M 360 Encompass System can also integrate AI and data from both 3M and M*Modal technologies.

  • 3M™ Advanced CDI Transformation icon
    3M™ Advanced CDI Transformation

    3M Advanced CDI Transformation offers a path for long-term, sustained improvement. It expands an organization’s reach to all payers, all care settings, and all lengths of stay.

  • 3M™ 360 Encompass System
    3M™ 360 Encompass System for clinical documentation improvement

    3M 360 Encompass for clinical documentation improvement prioritizes cases for review based on focus DRGs, length of stay, severity of illness, risk of mortality and more. It extends CDI reviews to include quality metrics, clinical validity and risk adjustment.

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