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Comprehensive CDI = Technology + Expert Services + Education

As a CDI leader, you face unprecedented demand to do more with less. Advanced CDI technology — including AI and automation — is crucial to extend your reach. You can integrate and prioritize workflows to connect physicians upfront with CDI teams downstream. The result? Increased efficiency that reduces administrative burden, improves quality measures and drives accurate reimbursement. 

A comprehensive approach to CDI combines that advanced technology with services and education to help you achieve and sustain success. Elevate your CDI program by partnering with expert consultants to fully leverage the technology and reduce your risk of missing critical opportunities to improve financial and quality outcomes.

What 3M can do for your CDI program

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    Transform physician engagement by moving CDI upstream and driving insights at the point of care.

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    Improve revenue capture and quality metrics through customizable AI-driven prioritization.
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    Measure and sustain CDI program success with precise reports and consulting services.

Solutions for CDI

3M offers a comprehensive approach — including advanced CDI technology, expert services and education — to meet you where you are and take you to the next level.

Strengthen your CDI program

  • 3M 360 Encompass System for CDI and 3M M*Modal CDI Engage One Workflow Video DESCRIBED VIDEO (ANNOUNCER) Anna is thinking bigger for her CDI program. She needs a comprehensive solution connecting the documentation integrity workflow. (DESCRIBED VIDEO) Video opens with a woman (Anna) working at a laptop in a sun room at her home (ANNOUNCER) From physicians to CDI specialists and beyond, (DESCRIBED VIDEO) We see three healthcare workers meeting in a hallway. (ANNOUNCER) Anna needs to help her team deliver on critical top line revenue and quality goals. (DESCRIBED VIDEO) We see a woman on a Zoom/team call at her office computer. (ANNOUNCER) With 3M 360 Encompass System for CDI and 3M M*Modal CDI Engage One, (DESCRIBED VIDEO) A 3M 360 Encompass System graphic appears on screen over an animated background simulating network connections. Text transitions to read: 3M M*Modal CDI Engage One. (ANNOUNCER) artificial intelligence and automation focus Anna's CDI specialists on a prioritized, clinically driven review process. (DESCRIBED VIDEO) We see a middle-aged African American woman working at a laptop in her home. (ANNOUNCER) Powerful, natural language understanding continuously reasons over the patient record embedding shared clinical intelligence into both CDI and physician workflows. (DESCRIBED VIDEO) We see an African American doctor in a lab coat working at his desktop computer. (ANNOUNCER) Now Anna's team capitalizes on top documentation opportunities driving revenue and quality improvement for their entire organization. (DESCRIBED VIDEO) We see a female doctor and Anna meeting at a conference room table. (ANNOUNCER) They proactively engage physicians with nudges delivered within their EHR workflow helping improve documentation in real time. (DESCRIBED VIDEO) We cut to a male African American doctor working at a desktop computer. A graphic representing a patient�s electronic health record appears along with a request for more specificity related to heart failure. (ANNOUNCER) Our technology prioritizes top opportunities and automatically generates evidence sheets that significantly reduce manual work. (DESCRIBED VIDEO) We cut back to the middle-aged African American woman working from her laptop at home. Three icons appear, stacked on the left side of the screen: a silhouette of a person, a check mark and a document. A magnifying glass scans over each icon. (ANNOUNCER) A dynamic, closed loop workflow connects CDI teams and physicians. (DESCRIBED VIDEO) We cut to a split screen. On the left is the middle-age African American woman. On the right is the male African American doctor at his desktop computer. Two arrows forming a closed-loop circle appear over the video. (ANNOUNCER) CDI specialists see physician nudges within 360 encompass and they can link their queries to evidence sheets, (DESCRIBED VIDEO) We cut to a side view of the middle-aged African American woman at her laptop. Icons of a question mark, a chain link and a document appear along the bottom right side of the screen. (ANNOUNCER) delivering them seamlessly into the physician workflow. (DESCRIBED VIDEO) We again see a male African American doctor working at a desktop computer. Lines representing data flow into an icon of a document over the video. (ANNOUNCER) Query responses simplify and the revenue cycle accelerates. (DESCRIBED VIDEO) We see a closeup of hands typing on a laptop keyboard. (ANNOUNCER) Anna can now track her team's financial impact when it generates queries and submits final codes. (DESCRIBED VIDEO) We cut to a male and female doctor speaking with Anna in a conference room. (ANNOUNCER) 360 Encompass CDI and CDI Engage One. (DESCRIBED VIDEO) Text again appears on screen over an animated background representing network connections that reads: 3M 360 Encompass System and transitions to text that reads: 3M M*Modal CDI Engage One. (ANNOUNCER) Now Anna sees the complete picture understanding affected financial, operational, and quality metrics and scaling her CDI program for continued success, (DESCRIBED VIDEO) We cut to Anna and three other colleagues seated around a conference room table. Anna smiles. (ANNOUNCER) enabling better, smarter, and safer health care. (DESCRIBED VIDEO) We cut to aerial video of a large, red-brick hospital complex. The screen divides vertically into three sections. Video of a young, bearded man, an older African American woman and a Muslim woman in a hijab (HEE-jaab) drops into the three sections. The animated 3M Science applied to life logo appears over black. Page 1 of 1

    A video still of a doctor looking at a nudge for more detailed documentation on a patient chart.
    Integrated workflows to connect physicians and CDI teams
  • Johanne Brautigam � Using 3M Consulting Services to build solid CDI team � Described Video (DESCRIBED VIDEO) Text appears on screen that reads: Using 3M consulting services to build a solid CDI team from the ground up: Ensemble Health Services/Roper St. Francis Healthcare (JOHANNE BRAUTIGAM) We had a great CDI team, and then over the year, things changed, and I wound up having to rebuild a new team. (DESCRIBED VIDEO) Johanne Brautigam, who is seated in beautiful outdoor courtyard, begins speaking and title text appears on screen over video: Johanne Brautigam, BSN, RN, CCDS CDI manager Roper St. Francis Healthcare Charleston, South Carolina (JOHANNE BRAUTIGAM) The first year of our contract I had a very high performing team and now this year I'm starting back at the basics. We wanted a team that was cohesive. So, we hired more for attitude than for skill. And then just starting from the beginning, building the foundation, letting them learn the basics. And then I�m slowly introducing more of the 3M software to them and the higher efficiencies. I love that 3M will tailor to what I need. We've been able to alter our educational needs to the two different teams. Other consultants, I would feel like I was working for them rather than them working for me. DESCRIBED VIDEO) 3M Science Applied to Life logo appears on screen and fades away.

    A video still of Johanne Brautigam, CDI Manager at Roper St. Francis.
    Using 3M consulting services to build a solid CDI team from the ground up

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