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Transforming your CDI program with clinical insight

Are you leveraging artificial intelligence (AI) to help your physicians deal with burnout? Can your clinical documentation integrity (CDI) teams prioritize work for scalability? Do you have clear visibility into the performance of your CDI program and its impact? It has never been more important to engage up front with clinicians and help CDI teams close the loop between clinical care and revenue integrity—all without increasing administrative burdens.

Wherever you are in your journey to advance your CDI program, 3M has the software and services to help you focus on quality, manage Hierarchical Condition Categories (HCCs) and denials, prioritize worklists, leverage AI to share clinical insights across team and enhance workflows for clinicians to create more time to care. 3M uses AI technology to support back-end CDI workflows, providing evidence-based analysis, worklist prioritization and a clinically driven review process.

Extend the influence of CDI

As curators of data integrity, CDI professionals have an ever-increasing influence on the flow of data in both inpatient and outpatient settings. A joint 3M/ACDIS research report (PDF, 688 KB) says 91 percent of future CDI professionals will need to know the impact of diagnoses on quality care measures and 75 percent will be asked to review outpatient settings and services.

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    Inpatient CDI

    Hospitals and health systems have been at the CDI game a long time. Many organizations now leverage AI technology to automate and prioritize their inpatient efforts and enhance workflow across the care continuum. Innovative CDI leaders play a crucial role in accurately representing the patient populations they serve, improving productivity and cash flow, and ultimately driving quality outcomes. Learn more about how 3M supports inpatient CDI.

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    Outpatient CDI

    CDI started in acute care hospital settings. Now, as inpatient admissions decline, more care is covered in hospital clinics, emergency departments, physician offices, home health services and other outpatient settings. CDI teams are in a prime position to impact quality and revenue. But patient care outside the hospital walls brings unique logistical challenges—such as staff resources and training, coordination of documentation reviews and how to prioritize the increased volume of encounters. Learn more about how 3M supports outpatient CDI.

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    Explore how clinician burnout can be caused by measurement for its own sake without real benefit to patients or providers.

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