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As revenue cycle teams providers strive to achieve accurate documentation and coding amidst workforce shortages, it has never been more important to automate coding workflows and reduce burdens on clinical staff. 3M’s integrated solutions adapt to you and your team’s preferred workflow and provide a single source of truth for care, quality, revenue cycle and audit teams.

For more than 40 years, we have worked with our clients, regulatory bodies and industry experts to develop and automate classification, grouping and reimbursement calculation systems. These 3M solutions close the loop between clinical care and revenue integrity without increasing administrative burdens.

  • Thea Campbell � Maximizing existing resources through the connected 3M 360 Encompass technology platform � Described Video (DESCRIBED VIDEO) The 3M Science applied to life logo appears on screen over a red and purple gradient background. Logo fades and text appears on screen that reads: Maximizing existing resources through the connected 3M 360 Encompass technology platform (THEA CAMPBELL) When we started our CAC, computer-assisted coding mission, it's[KM1] when the industry was facing the fact that� (DESCRIBED VIDEO) Thea Campbell, who is seated in front of a dark background, begins speaking and title text appears on screen over video: Thea Campbell, MBA, RHIA Vice president, health information, revenue integrity and compliance Cedars-Sinai (THEA CAMPBELL) � the number of codes were exploding, the retraining of our coders, and there weren't enough coders in the market. We invested in the technology to make our existing staff as efficient as possible, and that's continued to be a theme through all of our implementation. With single path, we did very much the same thing. Instead of having two different coders re-review the entire record, it's one coder doing both, and we were really able to see that labor savings. It felt very innovative and exciting, which is always helpful when you're pushing people through that change. We've been able to save many, many FTEs in that space. We've been able to improve our time to bill. We actually also have used the technology to look at the quality of our documentation as it relates to reimbursement and even into the quality scoring. We're very much in a similar place with our CDI teams that there aren't enough of them in the market at the moment, and so we really need to leverage the technology to make sure that we're using the really valuable human resources we have, the people resources, that we're really using their talent the best way that we can versus some of the easier stuff or I don't know that it's all easy, but some of the stuff that the computer can do and then really using those human resources to be able to do the hard stuff. (DESCRIBED VIDEO) 3M Science applied to life appears on screen and fades away.

    Video still of Thea Campbell, MBA, RHIA, Vice president, health information, revenue integrity and compliance, Cedars-Sinai.
  • Cedars-Sinai empowers CDI and coding to operate at the top of their license

    With a shortage of coders and an explosion of new codes, Cedars-Sinai wanted to maximize its resources across products within one platform. Learn what the team achieved.

Amplified by AI and deep human expertise, optimize your mid-revenue cycle for complete and compliant revenue reimbursement.
  • Comprehensive CDI solutions use artificial intelligence (AI) to close the loop between physicians and CDI teams. It also prioritizes worklists, helping organizations focus on quality, manage hierarchal condition categories (HCCs) and close documentation gaps.

  • 3M coding solutions, powered by clinical AI technology, help organizations and teams code accurately, reduce denials and achieve compliance the first time.

  • For more than 40 years, 3M has developed and refined methodologies that are embedded in technology to transform patient data into actionable knowledge to help control costs, increase access to quality care and analyze metrics.

  • Optimize your team and budget with 3M's advanced technology combined with our highly skilled professionals. 3M consulting and outsourced solutions help drive improved care, reduced costs and enhanced patient experience.

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