3M™ Performance Matrix Platform

Insights by Verily.

  • Strengthen the performance of your health system by automatically identifying the root causes of quality issues and excess costs.
  • Prioritize system-wide problem areas using advanced intelligent data processing power at your fingertips.
  • Work with experienced professionals to drive sustainable behavior change and process improvement.
  • The nexus of experience, risk-adjustment methodologies and proven power

    ‘Leveraging data’ is the hottest cliché in health care. Everyone says it, but how does a health system do it? And how do you do it right for each of your care settings, clinicians and provider groups, payers and reimbursement models, and shifting populations?

    Ensuring high quality patient care and outcomes while balancing financial realities in an evolving market requires a robust data analytics solution. Better yet, one that can handle the breadth and complexity of health care today without an army of data analysts to make it work.

    Introducing the 3M™ Performance Matrix Platform. A data analytics and performance management solution that combines 3M Health Information Systems’ decades of coding and risk-adjustment experience with the data processing power of Verily, an Alphabet company. The platform offers one system that simultaneously analyzes performance in managing populations throughout your network across all visits, episodes of care and disease cohorts.

    One system, all together.

    3M Performance Matrix scores your health system’s performance for all of your patient populations against 3M’s performance benchmarks and puts Verily’s big data computing power to work for you. The system filters through noisy data to highlight issues with inpatient or outpatient episodes of care, preventable events, and over- or under-utilization of services.

    With Verily’s processing power, the platform applies 3M’s proven methodologies and performance measures to all available data. It then mines this enriched data to identify and prioritize key problem areas. Rather than deploying teams of data analysts, the technology does the work for you.

What does a comprehensive operations assessment from 3M Performance Matrix look like?

The platform identifies the underlying drivers causing your health system’s biggest quality and performance issues so you can drive real process improvement.

  • For Example:

    When assessing a health system’s performance, 3M Performance Matrix uncovers:

    60-day post-acute care expenditures for congestive heart failure (CHF) are 41% over the expected rate, resulting in $28 million in excess expenditures

What’s contributing to this issue?

3M Performance Matrix digs into the data and finds a series of issues that create a domino effect of increasing excess expenditures for the CHF population.

During the 60 days post-discharge:
  • icons of a stethoscope and syringe

    Primary care  physician (PCP) visits: 25% lower than expected

    3M Performance Matrix uncovers underutilization of PCP visits and laboratory testing to monitor conditions.

    Outpatient  laboratory testing: 38% lower than expected

    Without adequate population health management, including medical care and support at the primary care level, patients’ conditions worsen.

  • icons of a an ambulance going to a hospital & a person going to a hospital

    Potentially preventable  emergency department (ED) visits: 54% above expected

    Potentially preventable inpatient admissions: 38% above expected

    Poor population health management at the primary care level leads to an over usage of potentially preventable ED and inpatient hospital visits.

  • icons of a person going to a skilled nursing facility and a person leaving a hospital with no home health

    Potentially preventable readmissions:
    42% from one skilled nursing facility (SNF)
    35% discharged home without home health

    Poor post-discharge management leads to high-cost readmissions, negative patient outcomes and increased post-acute care expenditures.

  • This example demonstrates the domino effect for this CHF patient population and how 3M Performance Matrix finds the key dominos that contribute to a health system’s issues to help you correct the problem at its source.

  • Performance management. Analytics. Population health measurement.

    3M Performance Matrix is equal parts operations management and population performance management. On the operations side, the technology spotlights the gist of your system’s quality and cost issues. For populations, the technology analyzes your performance in managing your patients across visits, episodes of care and disease classifications.

    Everywhere you turn—inpatient, outpatient, pharmacy, lab, claims and other patient data—you find invaluable information to guide important process improvement. Harnessing your organization’s most coveted natural resource (i.e., your data) is the first step. 3M Performance Matrix offers the lens you need to peer into the information mass to identify meaningful opportunities.

    Using Verily’s analytics engine and 3M’s robust, real-world proven methodologies, the platform helps improve performance by focusing on areas and interdependencies of preventable clinical and financial issues that stem from:

    • Under- and over-utilization of services or care settings
    • Avoidable care, such as readmissions and complications
    • Unnecessary costs
    • Post-acute services

    3M Performance Matrix analyzes aggregated data against dozens of performance measures to identify and describe the most impactful problem areas. This combination of problem prioritization and analysis helps you focus on what can be fixed, and done differently, going forward.

  • 3M and Verily

    Verily Life Sciences is a subsidiary of Alphabet Inc. focused on developing tools and devices to collect, organize and activate health data. Its mission is to make the world’s health data useful so that people enjoy healthier, longer lives.

    In October of 2016, 3M Health Information Systems entered into a strategic agreement with Verily.

    The goal? Develop a technology platform designed to analyze quality performance data across health care delivery systems and patient populations, and deliver meaningful information that can be used to promote real and sustainable improvements in health care quality and cost.

    The result? The 3M Performance Matrix Platform.

    3M brings 30 years’ experience in health data coding, classification and industry-leading risk stratification methodologies. Verily brings deep domain expertise in data analytics and the development of advanced health care research tools and algorithms.

    Two powerhouses. One solution driving real change.

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