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Anyone who has tried to tackle a giant project knows it’s much easier if you break down the massive to-do list into manageable segments. The same goes for your data. Instead of trying to analyze ALL of the data you have collected, 3M starts with a smaller data set. This accelerates your ability to prioritize opportunities across sites of service, begin identifying root causes and find faster solutions. Whether you serve inpatient acute care, outpatient care, emergency departments or post-acute care, 3M can help you identify the most impactful areas for performance improvement.

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Blogs and podcasts for operational insights

Explore expert insights and discoveries at the interaction of data science and health care.

  • Can artificial intelligence help address the burden of too many quality measures?

    Artificial intelligence (AI) may provide another approach to help reduce the documentation burden and relieve burnout by capturing the clinician/patient interaction in real time and letting machines do the behind-the-scenes work of translating conversation into meaningful data elements.

  • Hospital overcrowding: A complex but solvable problem

    What does it take to deliver care in a way that optimizes the trajectory of a person through hospitalization, where that person receives the right care at the right time?

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    3M™ Performance Matrix Platform

    3M™ Performance Matrix Platform helps organizations achieve long-lasting, sustainable performance improvement across clinical, financial and quality measures.

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