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Go beyond the data

You have terabyte upon terabyte of data. Now what? Data is only useful if it is measurable, believable and actionable. 3M performance analytics has built-in intelligence that helps you identify issues and track how your organization is performing against benchmarks. The platform takes the wealth of data you’ve collected and turns it into clinically relevant and impactful information that you can apply for financial and clinical improvement. This way organizations can focus on fixing issues versus finding them.

No matter your setting, 3M can help you gain more visibility into your analytics and prioritize sustainable improvements.

More than 18 percent of the U.S. GDP is spent on health care. Approximately 30 percent of that expenditure is considered procedural waste (source). 3M performance analytics helps you reduce that waste by finding ways to improve performance through manageable and actionable data. We have been using methodologies for more than 30 years to normalize, risk adjust and benchmark your data so you can continue to optimize your long-term financial and clinical outcomes.

  • Want to know how your organization stacks up against others? 3M performance analytics software analyzes quality and performance data across health care delivery systems and patient populations, delivering meaningful information and creating the opportunity for real and sustainable improvements in quality and cost reduction.

  • Are you overwhelmed by data? 3M can help you break down the data into focus areas to quickly identify the root cause of an issue so you can find a solution faster. Whether you are in inpatient acute care, outpatient care, emergency department care or post-acute care, 3M can help you optimize the performance of your facilities, sites of service and providers.

  • Are you looking to improve care and lower costs? With 3M performance analytics solutions, you can have access to actionable, impactful information without digging through multiple systems and manually aggregating the clinically relevant and trusted data.

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