3M℠ Strategic Opportunity Analysis

  • Offers a comprehensive analysis of health performance across providers and population segments, identifying strategic opportunities to improve value
  • Provides performance data using nationally recognized risk adjusted metrics and data grouping methodology to track cost and quality
  • Provides detailed insights on health care performance based on the expertise of 3M staff

  • The challenge: Organizations need actionable data to make strategic decisions

    Value-based payments and shared savings arrangements between payers and providers require all parties to understand where the greatest opportunities exist to improve quality and reduce costs.

    However, in today’s complex health care marketplace, many organizations make decisions from historical perceptions rather than data-based information. Also, competing priorities from different parts of the organization can interfere with progress toward cost and quality goals.

    When health care organizations take a data informed approach to value, they can identify and prioritize sustainable programs and processes as well as achieve cost and quality goals.

  • The solution: 3M℠ Strategic Opportunity Analysis

    The 3M Strategic Opportunity Analysis (SOA) provides an objective, informed and actionable view into health care payment and quality, which supports the development of initiatives that focus on the value of delivered care.

    The 3M SOA aims to align the executive teams within an organization around a fact-based strategy to inform decisions around partnerships, payment design, benefit design, patient programs and more.

    As a foundation for a focused strategy, the 3M SOA:

    • Provides actionable analysis across the continuum of care (i.e., the system, the clinician and the person)
    • Creates a bridge between contracting strategy and care delivery
    • Builds an aligned strategic platform and creates a common language across all disciplines of health care delivery and financing
    • Identifies the greatest opportunities for improving cost and quality based on a coherent source of factual comparative data and thoughtful analysis
  • Who should use the 3M Strategic Opportunity Analysis?

    The 3M Strategic Opportunity Analysis helps executives, medical directors, and those in sales, marketing, and network relations:

    • Do current contracting methodologies support accountable care goals?
    • Which organizations should we partner with in a shared risk arrangement?
    • Which populations would benefit most from interventions?
    • What is the greatest opportunity to deliver value?
    • Which providers offer the greatest value?
    • What is the status of existing programs?
  • Features and benefits

    • Applies the knowledge and industry experience of 3M staff
    • Uses proprietary risk-adjustment methodologies to minimize cost variations due to differences in health risk among the populations served
    • Provides objective, data-driven facts and unique measures to assess and manage cost and quality
    • Supported by a staff with extensive health care industry expertise and experience in designing, implementing, and assessing accountable care programs
    • Identifies specific opportunities to increase quality and efficiency
    • Highlights immediate and long-term strategic planning opportunities
    • Uses 3M as an unbiased third party to guide organizations through identified changes
    • Helps create dialogue around planning and implementation, plus a roadmap for managing change along the path to accountable care

Understanding what drives the total cost of care

This graph is an example of the insights uncovered with the 3M SOA. The graph illustrates how each accountable care organization (ACO) within a network has its own unique combination of cost and utilization rates that make up its total cost of care (TCC). Comparing risk-adjusted TCC across a network highlights opportunities to manage and improve TCC.

Bar chart of ACO comparison to risk-adjusted network average based on price per unit, utilization, and total cost of care
  • *The data used in this graph has been de-identified


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