3M℠ Value Index Score

  • Provides a multi-dimensional view of provider performance
  • Identifies opportunities for system improvement
  • Can be used by both providers and payers to help improve patient outcomes and control costs

  • Value-based models need value-based measures

    As health care moves quickly toward value-based care, payers and providers need a way to capture value—performance as it relates to cost. Other existing performance measures aren’t ideal for these new models. They don’t account for costs, shared accountability or the impact of the health system. Often, they tend to be process-focused, expensive, burdensome and disease specific.

    What’s needed is a standard metric to assess health care value that works with existing cost and quality metrics, and doesn’t require extra data collection and reporting.

  • One score, several aspects of care

    The 3M℠ Value Index Score (VIS) is a composite measure that evaluates the provider actions that lead to healthy patients. As shown in the table below, it is based on six critical primary care domains, which are derived from 16 measures of key processes and outcomes linked to value in health care. As a result, 3M VIS can enhance an organization’s understanding of overall provider and system performance, prioritizing the areas where improvement is needed.

3M VIS evaluates provider performance as a composite of these six domains:
  • *Risk adjusted

  • Who should use the 3M Value Index Score?

    3M VIS to meet these needs:

    • Primary care providers (PCPs) who need an objective measurement of their performance that is based on the principles of high performing primary care
    • Value-based program leaders who need an objective assessment tool that:
      • Identifies where system deficiencies exist and where to focus improvements
      • Informs them on how to structure performance-based incentives
    • Executives of payer relations and network management who need a tool that:
      • Defines product offerings that are high value and low cost as the market becomes more competitive
      • Provides an objective value measure that complements cost for properly narrowing a network
  • Features and benefits

    • Measures primary care accountability within a system
    • Reduces administrative burden by using claims data (no need for additional, costly data collection)
    • Offers a holistic, population-focused view of care
    • Is risk-adjusted when appropriate to account for differing panel composition
    • Offers transparent access to the individual values that make up the composite
    • Provides continuous evaluation and feedback
    • Informs the design of narrow networks and pay-for-performance programs
    • Supports payers and providers in value-based programs where incentives are based on meeting quality targets

A look inside a 3M VIS dashboard

The image below is a sample view from a 3M VIS dashboard. It lists the individual providers within a specified practice, their respective 3M VIS, and their performance rating on each domain that composes their overall 3M VIS. Users can also drill down to see scores for the individual measures that comprise each domain. All names and data are demonstration data only.

VIS dashboard showing a table of the breakdown of patient VIS scores

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