3M™ Social Determinants of Health Analytics

  • Manage population health through early identification, proactive care management and more accurate assessment of risk
  • Assign social risk at the member level, leverage information from a multitude of public domain and proprietary data sources
  • Care for members more efficiently and effectively through collaborations with community-based organizations

  • Addressing clinical and social risk

    In some estimates, medical care accounts for approximately 11 percent of the overall contributing factors to a person’s good health and wellbeing; the other contributing factors are made up of individual behaviors as well as environmental factors. Depending on clinical data alone often delivers an incomplete and latent picture of the patient. When considering ways to improve health outcomes and reduce unnecessary expenditures – key performance indicators for any payer — it is important to consider social determinants of health (SDoH).

  • Analytics to improve cost, quality and care

    Health care providers and payers can use the platform to assess clinical and social risk factors, prioritize care and allocate resources for high risk individuals and populations within a health care delivery network. This enables the design of programs in collaboration with community-based organizations and managing the effectiveness of these programs over time.

    By leveraging analytics, payers can manage population health through early identification, proactive care management and a more accurate assessment of risk. Payers and providers are empowered to:

    • Target care management more efficiently and comprehensively by leveraging clinical risk (3M CRGs) and social risk
    • Proactively manage members with high social risk
    • Promote effective communication and care coordination with community- based organizations
    • Optimize performance on state or other initiated quality program(s)
    • Ensure accurate risk is captured within at-risk communities through correct and complete coding
    • Monitor the effectiveness of program design and collaboration with community-based organizations
  • Connecting the community

    A 2018 study showed a 10 percent reduction in health care costs – equating to more than $2,400 in annual savings per person – for people who were successfully connected to social services compared to a control group of members who were not. With 3M SDoH Analytics, it is easier than ever to make the connection between patients, their health and the community organizations that can best support them.

A look inside the analytics

In the following sample report, social risk is generally present more frequently with higher levels of risk.

Bar chart showing correlation between an increased percent of members experiencing various social determinants of health and increased CRG severity
Percent of Members with Risk by CRG Patient Segment

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