3M℠ Informed Analytics Platform

  • Provides rich data visualization so that both analysts and executives can gain valuable insights from data
  • Supports secure, scalable data sharing so users only access appropriate levels of information and functionality
  • Allows clients to manage their own data and administer rights for their users

  • Are your analytics designed for action?

    Today’s health care industry is focused on lowering costs, improving population health outcomes, enhancing patient care and reducing per capita cost. Payers and providers have embraced shared accountability to achieve these goals, but they need access to timely information to support important decisions and the capability to share data with key decision makers across the delivery system.

  • Make care delivery and payment decisions with confidence

    The 3M℠ Informed Analytics Platform is a comprehensive data mining and reporting tool that delivers insights using rich data visualization. The data can be securely shared among payers, providers, frontline caregivers, employers and consumers.

    3M Informed Analytics integrates interactive dashboards, charts and reports and provides instant sharing functionality as well as mobile access and automatic refreshes. Together, these applications zero in on system, provider and patient-specific opportunities for improvement.

  • Who can benefit from the 3M Informed Analytics Platform?

    • Practice/care managers who need to be kept informed of changes to their patients’ health status, including visits to the hospital, emergency department or a specialist
    • Financial analysts who need a simple way to discover new insights and share opportunities with internal and external shareholders
    • Executives who need a way to turn insights into business plans
    • Chief medical officers who need a monthly performance report card, trend data and a list of specific providers who are outliers
    • A VP of network relations who needs a single report on all the important aspects of their system’s performance

Features and benefits

  • Rich data visualization allows both analysts and executives to gain insight from the information made available to them through:

    • Multi-dimensional interactive reports that show snapshots of care and care trends over time
    • Multiple chart types that give users options to highlight critical information
    • Dynamic dashboards that allow organizations to distribute key performance measures and care management data in a concise, executive format
    • Geographic data that lets users focus on data specific to a defined region, represented on high quality maps
  • Scalable sharing and collaboration allows users inside and outside of the organization to access only the right level of information and functionality by means of:

    • Role-based security for strict HIPAA compliance. The level of information shared can be controlled and software functions are restricted based on user type
    • Content-based modules which let users get detailed information on specific topics, such as potentially preventable costs by service type or cost of care by 3M™ All Patient Refined DRG Software (APR DRG) category
  • Full management control means clients manage access to their own data and administer rights for their users. This includes:

    • Report analysis so clients can manipulate and share information from a number of pre-defined report modules
    • Subscription and instant sharing capabilities to facilitate automatic updating and sharing of report data via secure links

  • 3M Informed Analytics Platform sample report

    The image below uses demonstration data to show an example of the interactive reports that can be built with 3M Informed Analytics. Filters allow users to target system, provider and patient-specific opportunities for improvement.

3M Informed Analytics Platform report showing a bubble graph and table with comparison of 'Person preventable total Medicaid allowed' versus 'Person total Medicaid allowed'

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