3M℠ Informed Analytics Platform – Potentially Preventable Events (PPE) module

  • Enriches data by applying 3M methodologies for potentially preventable events
  • Delivers informative reports containing provider-level data that reveals opportunities for improved performance
  • Offers cloud implementation for less administrative work and fewer IT resources

  • Targeting actionable information

    Potentially preventable events identify potentially avoidable and unnecessary care. By targeting these events, you can measure population and patient health outcomes, safety, efficiency, utilization rates and the costs associated with nonessential care.

    3M PPEs are used by multiple states to measure the performance of managed care organizations. The 3M PPE module does the work of risk adjusting data by provider and returning insights into performance in an actionable format.

    Organizations need actionable information to identify specific focus areas where they could become more efficient and reduce costs while also improving quality of care. These areas can include:

    • Improved coordination of care between health care providers
    • Improved medication management
    • Access to high quality care
    • Patient education and follow up

    The 3M PPE module is designed to provide clients with data processing, analytics and consulting services to help gather relevant information on targeted PPE initiatives. It also shows providers where there is opportunity to reduce waste.

  • Providing critical insight

    3M expertise provides the type of critical insight needed to meet the demands of a shifting market, regulatory changes and the necessity for provider transparency. Ultimately, 3M’s goal is to help organizations operationalize a process that can reduce potentially preventable events.

  • Key benefits

    • Delivers data onboarding, quality testing, processing and enhancement through the 3M℠ Intelligent Data Asset.
    • Includes the 3M™ Potentially Preventable Readmissions (PPR) and 3M™ Population-focused Preventables (PFP) Grouping Software, which cover:
      • Potentially Preventable Readmissions (PPRs)—signify deficiencies in care or treatment provided during a previous hospital stay; inadequate post-hospital discharge follow-up; poor coordination of services at the time of discharge and afterwards (i.e., incomplete discharge planning or inadequate access to care after discharge). PPRs may also result from actions taken or omitted during the initial hospital stay (e.g., incomplete treatment, poor care of an underlying problem, etc.).
      • Potentially Preventable Admissions (PPAs)—in high rates, PPAs generally represent a failure to provide appropriate ambulatory care to the patient.
      • Potentially Preventable Emergency Department Visits (PPVs)—in high rates, PPVs represent inadequate or ineffective ambulatory care for the patient, including follow-up.
    • Eliminates the need to purchase, install and maintain multiple grouping methodologies, freeing up IT resources for other projects.

The sample 3M PPE module report below shows the trends over time of potentially preventable admissions (PPAs) for cost and utilization. The report also uncovers the populations and their attributed providers that are incurring the PPAs.

The PPE module showing PPA admits line charts, difference from expected ACO bar chart and a PPA admits by population heath segment bubble chart

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