3M™ Methodology Content Services (MCS)

    • Complements your 3M grouper license with access to experts and content that help you utilize grouper outputs to achieve your program goals
    • Assists your team with implementation and technical operation of 3M groupers
    • Provides consultant led training on the methodology and its application, including risk adjustment and effective report design

  • Established methodologies meet expert guidance

    3M patient classification methodologies help health care organizations understand the value of patient care by providing insights into patient mix, expected reimbursement and quality outcomes. Implementing groupers and applying the data can be a challenge without the right resources. 3M methodology content services (MCS) can help you bridge the gap between the technical implementation and practical application of 3M groupers.

    With 3M MCS, you can:

    • Reduce setup and installation time of 3M groupers, allowing quicker access to the grouper output
    • Improve upfront data integrity checks and understanding of output data
    • Help your team understand the concept and application of risk adjustment and the detailed logic behind the patient classification methodology
    • Incorporate value add output to measure performance and progress within your health care improvement programs

    3M MCS is currently available for use with the following groupers:

    • 3M™ All Patient Refined DRG (APR DRG) Software
    • 3M™ Enhanced Ambulatory Patient Grouping (EAPG) System
    • 3M™ Potentially Preventable Readmissions (PPR) Grouping Software
    • 3M™ Potentially Preventable Complications (PPC) Grouping Software
    • 3M™ Ambulatory Potentially Preventable Complications (AM PPCs) Software 
    • 3M™ Clinical Risk Grouping (CRG) Software
    • 3M™ Patient-focused Episodes (PFE) Software
    • 3M™ Population-focused Preventables (PFP) Classification Methodology
  • How does 3M MCS work?

    3M MCS is offered in three service levels, each building on the previous level:

    • On-demand: Access to on-demand courses and grouper documentation that provide introductory implementation and methodology training
    • Methodology content services: In-depth 3M expert guidance on grouper implementation, methodology training and reporting best practices through a series of standard training sessions
    • Methodology content services project consulting: Hourly, ongoing or scope-based consulting services and access to 3M methodology experts to achieve your program goals
  • What is the timeframe?

    The support timeline for 3M MCS varies by the level selected:

    • On-demand: Unlimited self-paced access once methodology license is active
    • Methodology content services: A series of eight standard training sessions over two months
    • Methodology content services project consulting: Flexible options based on needs of organization and program goals
  • What’s included with 3M MCS?

    • Guidelines for how to organize data prior to running the grouper and validation on grouper outputs
    • Training on the grouper’s corresponding patient classification methodology and risk adjustment
    • Advising on how to integrate 3M grouper data with your organization’s existing data structures
    • Reporting guidelines and best practices, including sample reports and high level critique of your self-generated report
  • Sample use cases for organizations utilizing 3M MCS:

    • Access to consultants to expedite the implementation of 3M CRGs as a key part of a risk adjusted population health analytics platform
    • Understanding the clinical methodology and having tools to educate providers while incorporating 3M PPRs into a facility quality program
    • Evaluating payment impact with guidance from 3M experts while moving to 3M APR DRGs for inpatient payment
    • Consulting support while designing a value-based program leveraging 3M CRGs for payment and 3M PFPs for quality measurement

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