3M™ Grouper Plus Content Services

  • Access 3M’s comprehensive grouping, editing, reimbursement and pay-for-performance content
  • Provide timely regulatory updates with minimal ongoing maintenance by utilizing a modern cloud-based web service
  • Enhance the value of various applications that process claims, calculate reimbursement/payment, analyze data, evaluate compliance and more.

  • The challenge

    In an increasingly complex and dynamic regulatory and payment environment, health care providers and their software vendors are challenged to implement and maintain current and comprehensive grouping, editing and reimbursement content. This content can change daily, weekly, monthly, quarterly or annually. Some changes may be minor. Other changes may be major. Staying up-to-date is critical for managing a business; however, the maintenance is labor intensive and requires specialized skills.

    In addition, increased expectations and demands on IT departments are taking their toll. Measuring the resources and time required for implementation and ongoing maintenance is critical to understanding costs and meeting customer needs. Organizations are looking to newer technologies to allocate resources more effectively and efficiently.

  • The solution: 3M expert content in the cloud

    For many years, third party software vendors, payers, consultants and analytics companies worldwide have embedded 3M regulatory content within their own applications. This approach gives clients integrated access to this valuable content and allows them to analyze and report on data for their own customers. 

    To help businesses faced with intense IT resource pressures and time constraints, 3M offers this same rich regulatory and 3M proprietary content delivered through web services, industry standard interfaces, and a cloud environment. 3M™ Grouper Plus Content Services leverages web technology to deliver content with improved timeliness and reduced maintenance. This solution provides up-to-date, secure access to grouping, reimbursement, editing and pay-for-outcomes classifications. The content can be viewed from many different workflows.

  • Key features and benefits

    • Standardized implementation – Uses REST web services to integrate 3M’s content into application using the programming language of your choice.
    • Reduced maintenance – Backward-compatible interfaces minimize the amount of ongoing development required.
    • Timely updates – Content updates are made available in the web service and accessed at the customer’s discretion.
    • Comprehensive content – Public and proprietary grouping software, editing, pay-for outcomes classification and reimbursement/payment
    • Flexible workflow – Can be called in a real time or batch environment from almost any type of application
    • High security standards – HITRUST and SOC-2 certified. Data protection is 3M’s highest priority. 3M follows strict NIST standards for authentication using OAuth (REST), 256-bit encryption and TLS (transport layer security) over HTTPS. Data is encrypted in transit with no PHI stored in the cloud
    • Enhanced performance – Advanced technology and best practices applied.
  • Available content

    3M Grouper Plus Content Services provides access to:

    • 3M™ APR DRG Software
    • 3M™ Medical Necessity Edits
    • 3M™ Enhanced APG Software
    • NCCI, OCE, MCE edits
    • CMS MS-DRG grouping and reimbursement/payment
    • CMS APC grouping and reimbursement/payment
    • CMS professional edits and reimbursement/payment
    • Commercial and state specific reimbursement
    • Ambulatory surgery center, renal dialysis facility, inpatient psychiatric facility
    • Population Health Groupers (CRG, PFE, PFP, PPC, PPR) 

    This list is just the beginning. For a comprehensive content list, visit our 3M grouping, editing and reimbursement page, or contact your 3M representative.

  • Helping your bottom line and timeline

    With the 3M Grouper Plus Content Services, your organization can access timely, business critical financial, compliance and quality content in your workflow with reduced maintenance. As a result, end users and clients have the advantage of a well integrated information system that stays current with federal and state regulations—and with minimal use of IT or technical resources. Software vendors, consultants and analytics firms can also focus on their core products and businesses and enjoy a reduced IT and implementation role.

3M Grouper Plus Content Services is a hosted solution that provides access to content through web-based services. Business partners and payers use a standard interface to make a call over the web to access the most current regulatory data and logic—maintained and supported by 3M.

Icons representing finances, analytics, paient scheduling and compliance on a gray background with an arrow pointing to the next step

Vendor applications

Patient financial services
Patient access/scheduling

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Security & administration layer

Web services interface

Industry-standard protocols

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3M™ Grouper Plus Content Services

Inpatient Grouping
CMS MS-DRG, CMS Inpatient Psychiatric Facility, CMS Inpatient Rehabilitation Facility, 3M™ APR DRG, TRICARE

Outpatient Grouping

CMS IPPS, CMS ASC, CMS HOPD, CMS Long-term Care, CMS Inpatient Psychiatric Facility, CMS ESRD, Medicaid & Payer-specific 3M™ APR DRG & 3M™ EAPG, TRICARE OPPS, Professional Claims Reimbursement, CMS Home Health Agency (PPS & PDGM)

Medical Necessity (NCD & LCD), CMS OCE, CMS MCE, CMS MUE, CMS NCCI, CMS HAC, CMS POA, CMS ESRD, Professional Claims Editor, 3M Outpatient Proprietary edits

Population Health
3M™ Clinical Risk Grouping (CRG), 3M™ Patient-focused Episodes (PFE), 3M™ Population-focused Preventables (PFP)
3M™ Potentially Preventable Complications (PPCs), 3M™ Potentially Preventable Readmissions (PPRs)


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