Grouper-based Service Offering from 3M

  • Augments your 3M grouper license with consulting services to help you enhance data outputs and achieve your program goals
  • Provides access to consultants who help you install and operate your 3M grouper, and design effective reports
  • Helps your team understand the patient classification methodology and risk adjustment

  • Expert methodologies meet skillful guidance

    3M patient classification methodologies — help health organizations understand the value of patient care by providing insights into patient mix, expected reimbursement and quality outcomes. But not every organization is fully prepared to implement groupers and apply the data they produce, especially organizations that have well-defined goals, but an ambiguous path to achieving them.

    3M GBSO helps you bridge the gap between the technical installation and practical application of 3M groupers, while also providing training on the corresponding classification systems. With 3M GBSO, you can:

    • Reduce setup and installation time of the 3M groupers allowing quicker access to the grouper output installation of 3M groupers, reducing the  time it takes to start working with the output
    • Improve upfront data integrity checks and understanding of output data
    • Help your team understand risk adjustment and the patient classification methodology in detail behind a grouping methodology
    • Configure reports that help measure performance and progress within your health care improvement programs

    3M GBSO is currently available for use with the following groupers: 

    3M™ All Patient Refined DRG (APR DRG) Software, 3M™ Enhanced Ambulatory Patient Grouping (EAPG) System, 3M™ Potentially Preventable Readmissions (PPR) Grouping Software, 3M™ Potentially Preventable Complications (PPC) Grouping Software, 3Mz™ Clinical Risk Grouping Software, 3M™ Software and 3M™ Population-focused Preventables Software for identifying potentially preventable hospital admissions, ED visits and ancillary services.

  • How does 3M GBSO work?

    3M GBSO uses the following three-phase approach:

    1. Implementation: 3M helps you create accurate and consistent data assets by guiding you on preparing your data for input and validating the results of your output.
    2. Methodology training: 3M consultants help you determine the best grouper settings and configurations for reaching your program goals. This involves training on the corresponding patient classification methodology system, risk adjustment and performance measurement.
    3. Reporting: Report design impacts how you measure health care performance and variance within your program. 3M consultants train you on report design best practices and help you tailor reports to your organization’s unique initiatives.
  • Who can use 3M GBSO?

    Commercial health plans, provider-owned health plans and provider systems can use 3M GBSO to apply risk-adjusted data to improving operations, reducing costs and utilization, and improving health outcomes. It’s designed for customers who are adding new methodologies to their 3M grouper license or those who want to derive additional value from their existing 3M license.

  • What’s included with 3M GBSO?

    • 3M grouper license
    • Guidelines and support for grouper implementation, which includes sample data checks for pre- and post-processing
    • Training on the grouper’s corresponding patient classification methodology and risk adjustment
    • Consulting on how to integrate 3M grouper data with your organization’s existing data structures
    • Reporting guidelines and support, including sample reports and a high-level critique of your self-generated report
  • How long does it take?

    The delivery timeline for 3M GBSO is generally between eight to 12 weeks, depending on the readiness and availability of your project team.


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