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3M™ M*Modal Scout

All the data and tools you need to improve outcomes, quality, efficiency and profitability.


3M™ M*Modal Scout is a comprehensive and customizable business intelligence and analytics solution that facilitates an information-enabled and evidence-driven approach to value-based imaging. It is a single platform that helps identify, improve, monitor and manage enterprise-wide documentation issues and patient information – helping you deliver measurable value to the health care delivery chain and giving you a competitive edge.

  • Unified user experience

    This single, cloud-based system delivers immediately actionable tactical, operational and clinical information to optimize multiple stakeholders' performance. One system supports administrators charged with improving patient throughput, compliance and cost control, and radiologists on the frontline of delivering higher quality diagnostic interpretations. Seamlessly integrated with our reporting solution for imaging workflows, 3M Scout delivers relevant insights to maximize outcomes and quality while minimizing productivity and care gaps.

  • Ground-breaking technology

    Built on 3M's cloud-based natural language understanding (NLU) technology platform, this advanced solution taps into the vast resource of inaccessible information in unstructured radiology narratives. It aggregates data from traditional sources like the RIS, PACS, EHRs and other clinical platforms such as pathology systems to enable the complete understanding of the patient necessary for improving clinical outcomes. It provides an enterprise platform where users can collaborate to identify, improve, monitor and manage documentation issues and patient information to deliver higher levels of service and compliance.

    •  Data aggregation
    •  Data mining
    •  Natural language
  • Clinical analytics

    To ensure quality doesn’t come at the cost of efficiency, 3M Scout delivers invaluable clinical insights to the radiologists with a unique dashboard summary of the patient’s longitudinal imaging history. Eliminate the time and resources spent on manual reviews of radiology reports and find out, as an example, how many critical findings lacked follow-up documentation to drive targeted and timely action.

  • Operational analytics

    To maintain a competitive edge, it is essential to continuously examine, measure and improve existing processes with a data-driven approach to identifying operational gaps. 3M Scout helps business planners look at how specific operations work on a daily basis and find opportunities to improve your department’s or practice’s overall performance with quick, targeted action.

    • Output by radiologists
    • Report quality over time
    • RVUs and turnaround times
  • Financial analytics

    3M Scout helps you better understand financial opportunities and risks so that you can drive down costs and improve profitability to succeed in today’s pay-for-performance care model. By proactively gaining visibility into your financial data, you can spot trends and tailor analytics to drive financial accountability and meet your organizational goals.

  • Enterprise search

    No matter how complex your question, getting an accurate answer is always simple with 3M Scout. Far more than simple keyword search, this game-changing capability allows you to per­form ad hoc searches on terms, medical concepts, conditions, etc. All you have to do is ask the right questions to quickly and efficiently find specific documents and/or patients. It helps identify the absence of information tied to patient safety, such as documentation of follow-up recommendations.

    • Refine questions
    • Customize analysis
    • Improve quality

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  • Improve quality, service and compliance with this single platform for diagnostic imaging that helps identify, improve, monitor and manage enterprise-wide documentation issues and patient information.

  • Support radiologists on the frontline of report creation and documentation workflows, and empower administrators charged with improving patient care throughput, compliance and cost control.

  • This artificial intelligence (AI)-powered, complete radiology reporting and workflow management solution supports faster creation of higher quality diagnostic interpretations.

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