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Physician speaking into a speech recorder while working at a computer with an overlay of KLAS medallions for being #1 in Speech Recognition, Front-end EMR: 2020, 2019, 2018, 2017

3M™ M*Modal Fluency Direct compatibility with Greenway Health

#1 Speech Recognition, Front-end EMR: 2020, 2019, 2018, 2017

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3M's cloud-based front-end speech recognition solution is engineered to enable users of all Greenway ambulatory systems to quickly and efficiently create higher-quality documentation directly in their EHR.

  • Full support for speech-driven documentation

    To optimize the documentation experience of clinicians and to accelerate the adoption of their Greenway EHR system, 3M provides a suite of compatible, speech-driven documentation solutions, all utilizing the same cloud-hosted voice profile. 3M Fluency Direct enables real-time dictation into your Greenway system, with full voice navigation and edit capabilities. All medical specialty and subspecialty vocabularies are supported, as are the use of customized templates, macros and a robust library of voice commands. Greenway system users also have access to the 3M back-end transcription solution so that physicians can choose the most convenient workflow and at the same time reduce cost and turnaround times while improving quality and accuracy.

    • All medical specialties
    • Customized templates
    • Voice navigation
  • Computer-assisted physician documentation (CAPD)

    3M Fluency Direct also provides game-changing functionality with its embedded, real-time and fully-automated CAPD capability to users of these Greenway applications. This unique functionality delivers interactive clinical intelligence to clinicians as they document in their Greenway EHR by continuously analyzing the note, suggesting improvements in quality and reporting on physician engagement with the system.

    • ICD-10
    • Clinical documentation integrity (CDI)
    • Documentation best practices
  • Compatibility with Greenway PrimeSUITE™

    This Greenway system is custom integrated with 3M Fluency Direct so that clinicians can directly dictate into their EHR and utilize a robust library of voice commands and voice navigation capabilities. By using our single sign-on feature, users can launch 3M Fluency Direct from the Greenway system itself for optimized usability and efficiency. Both 3M Fluency Direct and the Greenway application are fully supported in virtual environments such as Citrix® XenApp, Microsoft® RemoteApp and Dell vWorkspace™ for superior scalability.

  • Compatibility with Greenway SuccessEHS™

    3M Fluency Direct is completely compatible with this Greenway system, irrespective of whether it is installed locally or virtually. 3M Fluency Direct enables users to have complete text, command and control support natively within the EHR application. Users also have the flexibility to utilize a transcription workflow with 3M™ M*Modal Fluency for Transcription, which is also compatible with the Greenway system.

  • Compatibility with Greenway Intergy™

    3M Fluency Direct’s integration with this Windows®-based Greenway system enables users to directly speech enable their EHR and capture the complete patient story in real time with free-form dictation. Users also have access to text controls and voice navigation in the EHR application for improved efficiency.

“3M Fluency Direct fits our organization so well because it literally gives time back to providers. Workloads are increasing, and any additional time for our clinicians is a critical component in the long-term success of our providers and their organization.”

—David Stewart, chief information officer at OneOncology

3M Fluency Direct

  • Top-ranking, cloud-based front-end speech recognition solution for hospitals and larger clinics that works with any EHR, from any location and any device, with embedded CAPD capability for better documentation and optimized physician experience.

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