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3M™ M*Modal Fluency Direct

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This all-in-one speech and artificial intelligence (AI)-powered solution enables physicians of any medical specialty to conversationally create, review, edit and sign clinical notes directly in your electronic health record (EHR). This solution leverages 3M natural language understanding (NLU) technology for contextual understanding of the patient’s narrative and helps to improve documentation accuracy from the first word. 

With built-in computer-assisted physician documentation (CAPD) functionality, the technology continuously analyzes and monitors the clinical narrative. In real time, it nudges you for additional information or clarification and suggests specific things you can do to improve the quality of care and clinical documentation.

  • Personalized physician experience

    A single, cloud-hosted voice profile allows clinicians to dictate into their EHR from anywhere, any device and any care setting. By providing physicians greater flexibility and portability in choosing appropriate workflows and devices, 3M Fluency Direct frees up more time for patient care.

  • Real time insights with CAPD

    3M Fluency Direct also includes built-in CAPD functionality to deliver real time automated and interactive intelligence to clinicians as they document in the EHR. This closed-looped documentation solution automatically brings the right information to physicians within the clinical workflow, as well as tracks and reports on physician interaction with the system to demonstrate compliance.

    • Clinical documentation integrity (CDI)
    • ICD-10
    • Documentation best practices
  • Reliable out-of-the-box accuracy

    At the core of 3M Fluency Direct’s accuracy is the power of speech understanding. This proprietary technology combines game-changing speech recognition solutions with powerful NLU. It allows physicians to speak in conversational tones and improves accuracy over time. NLU enables the creation of rich documents that encapsulate both narrative and encoded information, as well as dictation directly into any application.

  • Easy deployment

    Built to scale, 3M Fluency Direct voice recognition dictation software offers flexible deployment models to run cost effectively in many different EHR, PC, virtual, thin client and server architectures. Support for automated installation and upgrades frees up IT resources and speeds up processes.

    • Citrix XenApp®
    • Microsoft® Terminal Services
    • VMware®
  • Backed by in-house adoption services

    An integral part of our solutions, our team of in-house clinical documentation specialists helps you optimize 3M technology for the highest level of utilization and efficiency gains in your EHR. Expertise with 3M Fluency Direct and more than 200 EHRs facilitates at-the-elbow coaching and system customization to enhance the physician experience further.

    Learn more about our adoption services.

  • Seamless interaction with mobile applications

    3M Fluency Direct works with third-party mobile applications to include the growing number of productivity enhancing apps clinicians regularly use. This provides physicians with an integrated, top-quality speech experience across desktops, smart devices and mobile apps to expedite medical communication and patient care.

Resources for speech driven documentation

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  • 3M Fluency Direct is a part of our comprehensive, continuous documentation suite built on a single, proprietary technology platform that uses a single user and speech profile. This allows clinicians to seamlessly use front-end speech recognition, mobile speech recognition, back-end transcription and editing workflows — or a personalized blend of these options.

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