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Find out how one organization reduced administrative burden for clinicians by partnering with 3M.

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Speech enable your EHR

Enhance the electronic health record (EHR) experience, drive more efficient workflows and capture complete narratives while keeping your focus on the patient.

Our front-end medical speech recognition solutions provide the flexibility, convenience and efficiency you need to document patient encounters completely and quickly in the EHR. With our speech-based documentation solutions, you can eliminate the cost and delay of transcription while improving clinical documentation quality and physicians’ experience.

Compatible with more than 250 EHRs

Our cloud-based solutions seamlessly work with more than 250 EHRs, including all major platforms, to meet your goals of decreasing physician burnout and driving EHR optimization.

Front-end speech solutions

With out-of-the-box accuracy, our solutions support a wide variety of documentation workflows and work with any EHR, from any location and with any device for faster and better documentation.

  • Our cloud-based speech recognition system enables physicians of any medical specialty to create, edit and sign reports directly in EHR templates. 3M Fluency Direct combines our speech and natural language understanding technologies to contextually understand the physician narrative for out-of-the-gate accuracy and performance.

  • This speech enabled document creation module uses cloud-based technology so that you can document even without a physician documentation functionality in your EHR. It provides flexibility to select the most convenient workflow.

Resources for speech recognition

Learn more about how we can help bring the joy of medicine back in the lives of clinicians.

  • With this speech and AI-powered solution, conversationally create complete clinical notes directly within the EHR.

  • Real time clinical insights help improve the quality of EHR documentation and close care gaps.

  • This secure, cloud-based conversational AI and ambient intelligence platform automates routine clinical tasks to reduce administrative burden and increase physicians’ face time with patients.

  • Clinician burnout is widespread and systemic. Find recent stats and explore resources.

  • A Sutter Health clinic conducted an efficiency study to determine how front-end speech technology impacts clinicians’ productivity and experience with clinical documentation and shares its results.

  • Jason Hill � Ochsner Health System improves physician efficiency and EHR experience with 3MTM M*Modal Fluency Direct � Described Video (DESCRIBED VIDEO) The 3M M*Modal logo appears on screen over a red and purple gradient background. Logo fades and text appears on screen that reads: Ochsner Health System improves physician efficiency and EHR experience with 3MTM M*Modal Fluency Direct (JASON HILL) The real-time capability of Fluency Direct is such that it really gives you the ability to see what your note that you're writing right then when you're writing it. And I think that is absolutely key. (DESCRIBED VIDEO) Jason Hill, who is seated in front of a dark background, begins speaking and title text appears on screen over video: Jason B. Hill, MD, MSc Associate CMIO Ochsner Health System (JASON HILL) I actually can completely control the electronic health record using Fluency Direct through voice commands and keyboard strokes. I can move and order things. I can say, "Hey, take me to orders." And Fluency Direct will use nested keyboard commands that are embedded into that one single voice command to help take a lot of the click burden away from doctors. And I think that's where a lot of the stress comes from. And if I set up a way that will help me to navigate through that, then I don't have to click all of those things and that then gives me a better perception of my interaction with the health record. And it turns me into an efficiency monster. (DESCRIBED VIDEO) 3M M*Modal logo appears on screen and fades away.

    A computer screen
    Improved EHR experience and greater efficiency with 3M™ M*Modal Fluency Direct

    Ochsner Health System’s Innovation Officer Jason Hill explains how speech understanding and streamlined navigation reduces physicians’ click burden and delivers a better EHR interaction, creating significant efficiency.

  • Oregon’s Northwest Primary Care created an improved documentation experience for clinical and IT teams across the organization thanks to 3M’s AI-powered speech recognition and adoption services.

  • In this KLAS Arch Collaborative case study, find out how Baylor Scott & White Health successfully reduced administrative burden for clinicians by partnering with 3M.

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