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3M™ M*Modal HCC Management: Accurate risk scores from the start.

Frontline AI assistance for physicians.


Real-time HCC guidance for physicians

  • 3M™ M*Modal HCC Management is a comprehensive, technology-driven solution that leverages AI to deliver frontline assistance to physicians so that HCC opportunities aren’t missed while documenting the patient encounter. When combined with 3M’s outpatient CDI workflow, 3M HCC Management can help you close documented HCC gaps before claims are submitted.

    Key Benefits

    • Delivers proactive, real-time HCC information to physicians using AI-powered computer-assisted physician documentation (CAPD)
    • Helps health care organizations improve the accuracy of their HCC risk scores
    • Provides summarized clinical evidence for a patient’s entire history
    • Built to help health care organizations improve care quality and financial outcomes

3M HCC Management streamlines both CDI and clinician workflows

  • Through a single-access web interface, 3M HCC Management can help multiple stakeholders collaborate on the patient chart and monitor HCC coding, gaining these distinct advantages:

    • Proactive clinician workflow delivers real-time, automated HCC-related information to physicians during the patient visit, with fully specified notes in the normal EHR documentation workflow. This helps create complete, compliant documentation of chronic conditions.
    • Outpatient CDI workflow prioritizes patient record reviews based on gaps in patient risk scores and helps identify diagnoses not yet captured on claims for the current year. The solution also leverages NLU to identify HCC opportunities that would otherwise be missed.
    • RAF score management calculates RAF scores for all patients in a facility’s population, helping auditors identify gaps in chronic conditions from year to year. In addition, revenue cycle managers have a clear picture of population RAF scores and gaps, using the same data models applied by CMS.

    To achieve accurate HCC coding and receive appropriate reimbursement, an organization must capture a complete diagnostic profile of every patient, including all information that impacts a patient’s evaluation, care and treatment.

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Discover how 3M HCC Management can help your physicians to capture the complete patient story

3M HCC Management is built on a single, EHR-integrated, cloud-based platform that uses AI and natural language understanding (NLU) technologies to comb through EHR data and narrative documents to find HCC opportunities.

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