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Ambulatory solutions

#1 Best in KLAS, Speech Recognition, Front-end EMR for four consecutive years including 2020

#1 KLAS Category Leader, CDI Software, 2020 and 2019

#1 KLAS Category Leader, Speech Recognition, Imaging 2020

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Interested in solutions for ambulatory practices?

Clinical documentation can be time consuming. 3M is dedicated to giving ambulatory clinicians more time with their patients and less time on the computer. We’ve developed a suite of speech driven, artificial intelligence (AI)-powered, cloud-based solutions to facilitate the documentation process in ambulatory clinics, practices and surgery centers. Our solutions span the clinical documentation life cycle, from efficiently capturing the complete patient story in the electronic health record (EHR) to driving documentation improvement and coding.

Improve physician experience and efficiency

Ambulatory physicians spend nearly 50 percent of their working time on EHR and other desk work. This, along with the growing regulatory burden on physicians, is leading to widespread physician burnout and dissatisfaction, while simultaneously depleting the quality and experience of patient care. Learn how 3M can help.

  • Optimize the physician experience and accurately capture the complete patient narrative directly in your EHR, ultimately improving the quality of clinical documentation.

    Our top ranking, cloud-based speech recognition system enables physicians of any medical specialty to create, edit and sign reports directly in EHR templates with unparalleled out-of-the-gate accuracy and performance.

  • Physicians can use 3M’s virtual assistant and scribing solutions to complete high-value tasks, enhance the patient/physician relationship, drive higher quality care and reduce administrative burden.

    Our scribing solutions can save physicians time and improve the physician/patient interaction, thereby creating time to care while reducing physician dissatisfaction and burnout. Simultaneously, our virtual scribing solutions improve the quality of patient care, support the entire care team and drive patient engagement.

  • Clinicians want to focus on delivering high quality patient care, not coding. Nearly 8.5% of the total claims by multispecialty practices are denied on the first submission. Reworking and resubmitting claims are costly. Learn how 3M’s technology can help reduce this cost by correctly coding the first time.

  • Our transcription solutions aim to improve the transcription process, optimize resources and fine tune clinical documentation operations.

"There is no question that the concept of burnout is real. There is no question that this improves your time spent and opens you up to more opportunity. Will it affect burnout from your clinicians? Absolutely!"
Craig Summers, MD, FAAP, founder and managing partner of Children’s Medical Group

Find out how the Hamden, CT pediatric care organization is tackling burnout with top ranking speech recognition technology. Read the case study.
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