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    Implementing a cloud first strategy at Boone Health

    See how Boone Health alleviated its IT burden with 3M 360 Encompass System in the cloud.

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The 3M Cloud Platform

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Reduce IT burden. Increase security. Improve stability.

The 3M Cloud Platform provides a secure way to manage and maintain 3M coding and clinical documentation integrity (CDI) applications in real time, with significantly reduced maintenance windows and a seamless, straightforward implementation process. As a result, end users and clients have the advantage of an integrated information system that is secure and up to date, with minimal use of in-house IT or technical resources. This allows more time to focus on what matters most: Patients.

3M solutions in the cloud

  • All the same features as 3M 360 Encompass on-premises, delivered through the 3M Cloud Platform. Take revenue cycle efficiency and accuracy to the next level by integrating computer-assisted coding (CAC), computer-assisted CDI, quality metrics and analytics into one cloud-based application.

  • 3M CRS in the cloud includes all the same features as 3M CRS on-premises, delivered via the 3M Cloud Platform. Easy to use online references to improve coding accuracy and streamline the coding process.

  • 3M CDI Engage One is a cloud-based application that can be used effectively as a standalone solution or integrated with 3M 360 Encompass to further leverage the combined capabilities of two powerful solutions to drive even greater value.

  • Anne Robinson � Confidence in the cloud � Ensemble Health Partners see the value of 3M 360 Encompass in the cloud � Described Video (DESCRIBED VIDEO) The 3M Science applied to life logo appears on screen over a red and purple gradient background. Logo fades and text appears on screen that reads: Confidence in the cloud- Ensemble Health Partners see the value of 3M 360 Encompass in the cloud (ANNE ROBINSON) What do I feel the value of hosting 3M encompass in the cloud is? It's simple. Zero downtime. (DESCRIBED VIDEO) Anne Robinson, who is seated in front of a dark background, begins speaking and title text appears on screen over video: Anne Robinson, RHIA, CPC Vice president middle revenue cycle innovation Ensemble Health Partners (ANNE ROBINSON) It's a beautiful thing. We know exactly when we're going to have downtime because it's scheduled. Other benefits that we might see from using the cloud hosting platform obviously is the communication directly with 3M. It really cuts down on the amount of time wasted on an issue or enabling a product. If I want a product enabled, I simply put in a ticket to 3M and it's done. The other huge thing obviously is the integration time. It's much faster where we were able to have 3M, they're able to put in all of that 3M magic. We were able to cut the client IT resource need using cloud hosting significantly. Working within 3M 360 cloud hosting environment, we know we're going to have those updates from 3M online as soon as they're available. Again, there's no other unscheduled downtime with that and I have that extra security, that extra confidence that that system is updated and ready to go. It has all of the regulatory information always online and available when needed. (DESCRIBED VIDEO) 3M Science applied to life appears on screen and fades away.

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  • Confidence in the cloud

    What’s the value of hosting 3M 360 Encompass in the cloud? According to Anne Robinson, vice president of middle revenue cycle innovation at Ensemble Health Partners, the answer is simple – no unscheduled downtime.*

    But that’s not all. Watch the video for more insights from Anne.

    *3M performs weekly scheduled downtime for all cloud clients, and this client has experienced no unscheduled downtime since implementing 3M 360 Encompass in the cloud. 

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    85% reduction in IT burden after implementation
  • A stack of circles with a checkmark in front of it
    99.9% system availability
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    >80% reduction in support ticket submissions
  • Half of a clock outlined
    Up to 50% shorter maintenance windows

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“Over the span of my career, I have relied on 3M’s revenue cycle management solutions to streamline processes and improve ROI. When I was looking to move our entire digital health care ecosystem to the AWS Cloud, we chose 3M 360 Encompass System in the cloud. Not only did the implementation time exceed our expectations, but our users are benefiting from the scalability, agility and security that the cloud solution provides.”
- Shafiq Rab, MD, chief digital officer and CIO, Tufts Medicine

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