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Transforming health care.

3M Health Information Systems empowers clinicians, providers and payers.


Improve revenue cycle. Create time to care. Drive value-based care.

3M HIS is committed to eliminating revenue cycle waste, creating more time to care and leading the shift from volume to value-based care. We are closing the loop between clinical care and revenue integrity, providing clinicians with real-time guidance and accurate documentation. From computer-assisted coding (CAC) to clinical documentation integrity (CDI) and performance monitoring, 3M’s automated and intuitive software can help you reduce costs and provide more informed care.

Solutions from capture to code

3M HIS delivers innovative software and consulting services designed specifically for users ranging from inpatient, outpatient and ambulatory settings to payers and government agencies.

  • 3M can help streamline your revenue cycle, automate coding processes, send provider codes directly to billing, and reduce burdens on your clinical staff.

  • We’re committed to reducing the administrative burden of technology and empowering clinicians in all settings to easily document the full patient story, ultimately creating more time to care.

  • 3M empowers payers with measurable, believable and actionable information to identify root causes and solutions faster.

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