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Creating time to care
3M and M*Modal

Together, we're helping you create the time to care.

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3M and M*Modal: Closing the loop

You know 3M Health Information Systems and M*Modal are now one company. What you are about to find out is how we’ve combined our strengths to close the loop between clinical care and revenue integrity.

What does that closed loop look like?

First, it means technology that makes it easier for clinicians to document accurately up-front. You’ll see time-sapping queries, denials and rework kept to a minimum. And finally, your clinicians will have real-time guidance when it matters most (as they document).

The result of a united 3M and M*Modal?

A revenue cycle transformed with clinical insight and clinicians with more time to care.

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3M and M*Modal
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Real-time clinical insights for physicians and CDI teams

  • Physician and CDI staff

    AI-powered clinical documentation improvement: 3M™ M*Modal CDI Engage One™

    Together, 3M and M*Modal are closing the loop between clinical care and revenue integrity with advanced artificial intelligence (AI). Their first joint offering—3M™ M*Modal CDI Engage One™—delivers real-time clinical insights (“nudges”) to help clinicians document a complete patient story before a note is saved in the EHR. At the same time, this cloud-based software enhances workflow between clinicians, coders and CDI teams.

    Read the press release here.

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